Sunday, November 2, 2008

Would Obama Side With Iran?

Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna reports that Iran has tested a nuclear bomb. He quotes "Israel National News":

"( A weekend 5.0 Richter earthquake in Iran was actually a nuclear bomb test, says an Iranian nuclear scientist claiming to be working on the project."

My question on this is whether Barack Obama would side with Iran in the event of a nuclear strike on Israel. Who's giving odds on this? And who's willing to compare the odds with a President McCain's?


Ed Darrell said...

Why would the U.S. arms control bunch in the Pentagon cover up an Iranian nuclear test?

And if you really believe they did, why would you vote to continue that regime, by voting for McCain?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Who said anything about a "cover up"? They have nothing to hide. The term "cover up" means that you know something or have done something, for instance that you know that your birth certificate says "father unknown" and you refuse to allow others to see it so that you can continue to lie about your family background. It is quite possible that they aren't sure. And do you really think that a President Obama would shake up the Pentagon, or that he has even the shallowest competence to do such a thing?