Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr. Vieira's Electoral College Strategy

I just received the following e-mail from Contrairimairi. Dr. Vieiras has proposed an electoral college strategy. Does anyone know how to get the names and addresses of the electoral college delegates? We can send them letters proposing a demand for an investigation:

Dear Mitchell,
I spoke with Dr. Vieira just a while ago. I am very impressed with his knowledge about BO's citizenship standing. He has offered some GREAT insight into handling the problem.
His first idea is to have a member or members of the electoral college demand proof of the citizenship to verify that they are able to legally vote for him. Most of us already knew that one.
His second idea is to file the suit after he signs a piece of legislation that directly affects us as individuals, challenging his authority to do so. He says in that case, the Judge cannot deny standing.
He says Berg's suit will be thrown out, and if people continue to file the suits, the Court will label them "frivolous" and begin fining anyone who brings a suit.
I asked him about Sarah Palin bringing suit, and he claims she does not even have enough standing, that it would have to be filed now by a presidential candidate, (we can BANK JMC won't bring it!), or by a major contributor to BO's campaign, who may not be able to get what they were promised if BO is challenged and loses the challenge.
He told me he is "very certain" that BO will be challenged when he signs a piece of legislation, if he is not challenged by either the electoral college, or one of the other presidential candidates first.
I believe him. We spoke for a very long time, and he is very firm in his convictions. He told me not to pursue filing in Illinois at this time. I think he is hoping that the suits that may be labeled "frivolous" will end, and that we will wait and be patient until the timing is absolutely correct for a "WIN" on a challenge.
Thank you for convincing me to contact him. I feel very confident now that we will not suffer too much longer. It is just a shame that BO is going to allow this to be much more damaging and divisive than it should ever have been, but Americans will need to remember that it was BO's choice to be hurtful, not that of his opposition.
His own arrogance is likely to put a world of hurt on this Country, but once again, I have to say that I believe it is our generation's turn to defend America, only this time, in a way our predecessors could barely have imagined!
It is going to be difficult to be patient. Have you heard from Steve Marquis if the electors have filed suit?
Hope this is good news for you.

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