Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pro Obama Democrat Argues for Obama's Right to Lie, Arrest of Obama Critics

Ed Darrell has left a response to my earlier post in which he argues:

"It's absurd to claim that Obama has any duty to produce a birth certificate, or that DOJ would have jurisdiction over such an issue...Tricking voters into thinking an eligible candidate is ineligible falls into this same category - a conspiracy to defraud. DOJ officials can be prosecuted as can bloggers."

Darrell's argument runs along the same thuggish lines that my previous interactions with Obama supporters run. These include their demanding that Google take down my blog and calling me a racist. Darrell's is the latest argument from the goose stepping Obama campaign.

First, he argues that Senator Obama has the right to lie and hide informaton. Second, he argues that bloggers who question this right ought to be arrested. Sieg Heil, Ed!


Ed Darrell said...

Where's my comment?

Ed Darrell said...

More news in illegal leadership: