Saturday, October 23, 2010

TRU TV's "Conspiracy Theory" Best Television News Show

My vodka bottle's running low and I needed something to do to relax from reading my students' papers so I violated my rule about not watching television news. In particular, my wife mentioned that Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" is on truTV.  I'm watching the episode where a guy was talking about a nuclear bomb on the phone and the FBI came to his home six hours later because they can listen in via satellite. I think Jesse Ventura is performing a major public service. Whether the power plant in Alaska is really a Tesla death ray machine or there were bombs used at the World Trade Center on 9/11 are grist for Ventura's imagination.

What I think is especially important about this program is that it suggests that a large number of Americans have little or no trust in the government or the run of the mill media analysis and so emphasize conspiracy theories. In a sense this is a diversion because the underlying problems are ignored. Moreover, the conspiracy theories re enforce the sense of powerlessness that many feel.  But belief in conspiracy theories is a beginning.  The next step ought to be analysis, uncovering issues that are controllable. Then, empowerment is necessary so that people who have become alienated from the government can act on their concerns.

Many people have little faith in our government because it is too large.  The element of participation and control is lost with the enormity of the American state. This leads to a sense that shadowy powers are in control.  This may be close to the truth, although the conspiracies that Ventura emphasizes at most are symptomatic, if they are real.

The American state needs to be downsized through decentralization.  I'm not sure if "Conspiracy Theory" is empowering Americans or if it is just re enforcing their sense that Big Brother is out of control.  But I believe in the show's spirit to a much greater degree than say NPR, which apparently is now under George Soros's control and censorship.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Letter from Mayor Ed Koch Supporting George Phillips for Congress

Dear Friends:

With less than two weeks to go before the mid-term election, we know this letter -- asking for support for George Phillips for Congress – is coming very late in the day. But we are making this unusual request because this is both a moment of urgency and opportunity.

The urgency is that this is a crucial moment in the U.S.-Israel alliance. Iran is edging ever closer to becoming a nuclear power. If that should come to pass, a grave threat will become an existential threat for the state of Israel. All against the backdrop of an aggressive  international campaign of deligitimization and isolation against Israel. So now more than ever, Israel needs strong allies in America – and strong allies in the United States Congress.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Maurice Hinchey, who represents New York’s 22nd District, we have one of the least sympathetic, most hostile lawmakers in Congress on all issues impacting the U.S.-Israel relationship. Hinchey is a member of a small group of Representatives that routinely votes against the bipartisan resolutions and legislation by which Congress supports the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Consider just a few items from his record:

-In 2002, at the height of the Intifada, as Israeli civilians were being murdered by the hundreds in suicide bombings, a simple House resolution expressing solidarity with Israel passed by a 352-21 margin. Hinchey voted “present.”

-In 2006, Hinchey voted against a bill to promote democratic institution-building in the Palestinian territories titled the “Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act.” It passed 361-37.

-In 2009, he voted against a resolution condemning the Goldstone Report, an infamous product of the UN that accused Israel of intentionally committing war crimes in Gaza. The anti-Goldstone resolution passed 344-36.

-This year, he signed a letter to President Obama that accused Israel of the “de facto collective punishment” of Palestinians in Gaza and demanded that President Obama pressure Israel to open its borders with Gaza, a move that would leave Israel dangerously vulnerable to terrorism.

-Most stunningly of all, Hinchey voted against one of the Obama administration’s most important foreign policy initiatives, the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Act, passed by overwhelming margins in both houses of Congress and signed into law this summer. This key piece of legislation, vital to both American and Israeli security, sailed through the House 412-12.

Hinchey voted against it.

If there is a Member of Congress who has voted more consistently against consensus American foreign policy interests and against U.S.-Israel friendship, we would be hard-pressed to name him.

Fortunately, the opportunity comes in the person of George Phillips, a young and talented candidate who was born and raised in Endwell near Binghamton. Mr. Phillips -- a dedicated teacher who also brings foreign policy experience from his days as a Congressional aide -- has closed to within just a few points of Representative Hinchey. A race that was once thought of as untouchable is now winnable. New York’s 22nd District is now on the national political radar screen. A stunning upset is within reach. Which is where you come in.

The two  of us signing this letter differ on many issues and indeed belong to different political parties. But we are united in our criticisms of and opposition to Maurice Hinchey; and in our support and enthusiasm for George Phillips, who would prove to be a strong and faithful friend of the US-Israel relationship.

Your help during this sprint to the finish will make a meaningful, and quite possibility a decisive, difference in the outcome of this race. That is why we are asking that you join this effort by going to,  and make an online donation today.

George Phillips will prove to be what Maurice Hinchey has never been: A serious voice on American national security and a stalwart defender of Israel. In protecting the interests of Israel we are protecting the interests of America. The United States and Israel are animated by the same principles. We care about the same causes. We are hated by the same enemies. And our destinies are therefore inseparable. As one who cherishes the special relationship between both nations, we hope that you can find it within yourself to make a contribution.

It can make all the difference.


Ed Koch  

Campaign for Liberty on Jack Conway and Harry Reid

Jack Conway is running against Rand Paul. H/t Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty.  As far as Harry Reid, the CFL does not go far enough. Reid is human discharge.

Hinchey Self Dealing

I just received this e-mail from an elected official I know who alleges that Represenative Maurice Hinchey has been involved in corrupt self-dealing involving environmental companies in the Buffalo area:
Just wanted to pass this on.  One of Hinchey's top adds had been talking at a wedding on how Maurice was making lots of money on environmental companies in the Buffalo area.  He invested a major amount in these companies and was getting them earmarks and legislation written for cleanups for the companies he was involved with.  One of the big things was is how does a Toll Collector get o be a Millionaire?
Just want to pass this on.  Not sure How old this is but it may help

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

De Russy Wins Debate

Cortes de Russy performs brilliantly in his Journal News-sponsored  debate with Congresswoman  Nita Lowey.  De Russy is a last minute write-in candidate but his performance is so grand that he dwarfs Lowey. De Russy warrants consideration for a run in two years.  More so, de Russy would make a great gubernatorial or senatorial candidate in four years.

In constrast, Congresswoman Nita Lowey seems foolish. An economic illiterate who makes repeated partisan swipes at de Russy and then claims that the Republicans are too partisan, Ms. Lowy never saw massive government waste and incompetence that she could not cheer and never saw a looting Democrat whom she could not applaud, all the while accusing Republicans of partisanship.

Their debate reminds me of the recent assertions by one of the speakers at the Ulster County Republican Committee last week, I think it was State Senator Bill Larkin but I'm not sure, that upstate ought to be separated from downstate.  Of course, Ulster County has elected Stalin-on-the-Hudson, Maurice Hinchey, who makes even Lowey look good so maybe I'm being unfair.

I am becoming a partisan separatist. Just as Rome was broken up into the eastern and western Empires, so America may need to be broken in two: the free and the social democratic Americas.  I don't have to tell you to which America Lowey belongs. Lowey's America  is not mine.  One of the funniest moments was when she was saying how great diversity was but she repeatedly displays utter ignorance of the values, culture, philosophy and ideology on which the United States was founded.  Lowey and I probably have similar backgrounds, but I don't consider myself a citizen of Lowey's America, and I don't want her to be a citizen of mine.

I do have one bone to pick with de Russy.  I don't think the banks should have been bailed out.  I think that they should have been liquidated just like the auto companies should have been.  A nation without Wall Street would be healthier and more agile. America needs commercial banks and Wall Street like my dear late mother needed lung cancer.

That said, I was otherwise delighted with de Russy's stellar performance. He is a natural politician and should consider running for Congress or something higher in the coming few years.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

De Russy for Congress: Opportunity of a Lifetime to Do a Write-In Vote

My good friend and crusader for justice, Cortes de Russy, is running as a GOP and Conservative Party-endorsed write-in candidate in Westchester and Rockland Counties, the 18th CD in New York.  If you live in the district please support him. The write-in campaign is an ad hoc response to the failure of the mistakenly nominated GOP candidate.  De Russy had been considering a bid for the seat earlier this year but then bowed out when the Westchester Party thought it had an alternative candidate who turned to be a mistake.  Hopefully de Russy will mount a full-blown campaign in two years. I don't know how write-ins work but they can explain that at the polls.  It will be worth voting just to learn how to do a write-in, so please don't forget to do a write-in for de Russy if you live in his district. It will be a spectacular experience, the opportunity of a lifetime. His press release follows:



Doug Colety, Chairman



DeRussy Announces Write-in Campaign in 18th District

White Plains, New York (October 19, 2010) -- Westchester Republican Committee Chairman Doug Colety today announced the Westchester GOP’s endorsement of the write-in candidacy of Cortes DeRussy for the 18th Congressional District.

Said Colety, “I am pleased to announce that the Republican town and city leaders in the 18th Congressional District have voted to support Cortes DeRussy in his bid to represent the 18th Congressional District. The Republican Party is committed to not only giving the voters an alternative to Tax and Spend Nita Lowey, but to winning this critical seat. Cortes DeRussy is a true fiscal conservative and tax fighter who will stand up for the taxpayers of the 18th District. His message will resonate with voters who are ready for a change after more than 20 years of Nita Lowey’s consistent votes for higher taxes and spending. I look forward to working with Cortes over the next two weeks to ensure that he is victorious on November 2nd.”

DeRussy is a resident of Yonkers and has lived in Westchester County for almost 40 years. He was a trustee in the Village of Bronxville for two terms and has served on numerous civic and not-for-profit boards.
The 18th Congressional District is composed of part of Westchester County and Rockland County.

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