Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letter to Olive Press

I just sent this letter to the editor of the Olive Press, Paul Smart.  Onteora High School is located in Boiceville, New York, a few miles from my home.  The name "Onteora" is a name for the Catskill Mountains, reportedly derived from Mahican Indians, although Onteora may have referred to an area further south, according to this site.

Dear Editor:

One of the many corrupt, big-government scams in New York State is the fruit of a son of Olivebridge, Arthur H. Wicks. Wicks ran a laundry company in Kingston before being elected to the New York State Senate, in which he served from 1927 to 1956. He later became Lieutenant Governor, but was forced to resign when he was discovered making frequent visits to convicted Machinist Union president Joseph S. Fay while Fay was vacationing in Sing Sing prison. Fay had been convicted of extortion on construction sites.

Arthur Wicks remains a legendary name today because the Wicks Law bears it. The Wicks Law was originally passed in 1912, but it was amended during Wicks's tenure as Senate Majority Leader. The Wicks Law prohibits any public entity in New York State from hiring a general contractor (GC). Four separate categories of contractors, (a) heating, ventilating and air conditiong, (b) plumbing, (c) electrical, and (d), all other, must be hired and supervised directly by the state or other public entity. At the state level, agencies like the Department of Transportation, the Office of General Services and the Dormitory Authority oversee construction. It is well known that they lack the competence to do so because GCs of the caliber needed to manage large-scale construction projects have out-sized salaries that do not fit civil service pay scales. But as Olive citizens who work in construction know, general contractors limit waste. The lack of a GC opens the door to abuse, crime and law suits. Studies have found that the Wicks Law increases construction costs in the state by 15-30%. No one except construction unions and public contractors supports the Wicks Law. In the 1980s, Mario Cuomo had appointed an anti-crime commission that found that the Wicks Law fosters organized crime.

The Wicks Law serves as a long lived example of why government does not work, and why political decision making on a large scale fails. At a point in time when the state needs to cut spending, a law like this would seem to be a logical place to start. Yet, at a recent meeting of the Tea Party here at the Shandaken Gun Club, a Republican candidate, who is aware of the Wicks Law and who owns a construction firm, did not mention it as a potential area for cutting. Instead, he advocated raising cigarette taxes. Of course, it goes without saying that loot-and-spend Democratic Party Assemblyman Kevin Cahill has no interest in touching the Wicks Law with a ten foot pole. Cahill roars with delight wherever massive government waste occurs.

Hence, low quality, mismanagement, waste and incompetence are part and parcel of big government New York. Add to which neither Democratic nor Republican candidates have the vocabulary to question any of it. The speaker at the Tea Party was so lacking in vocabulary that he could only speak in terms of a spending freeze. The vocabulary of freedom on which the nation was founded has been lost, and the Republicans appear to be as much in the dark as are the Democrats. Perhaps the nation should give its government a two year vacation and spend the two years re-learning what the now-forgotten anti-federalists like Sam Adams had to say. Given the low quality of today's public figures, Americans have every reason to fear for their childrens' future. The problem starts with the benighted public schools, which are purveyors of ignorance, ideology and suppression. The first place to look for anyone interested in change is Onteora High.


Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.

Greedy Socialist Billionaires Aim to Ruin Your Life

A reader recommended this video.  It overdoes the conspiracy slant.  Historians have long noticed that big business in America has always been sympathetic to Marxism.  The footage of Bill Gates is priceless.  His left-wing sympathies are no surprise. What better tool to shore up a mediocre firm like Microsoft than to illegalize your competition, making your own business the legal norm? 

Americans are foolish to be taken in by the likes of Soros, Gates, et al.  To the extent that they have, the quality of life in America has declined sharply over my lifetime (the past 56 years) and will decline even more sharply.

To counter the propaganda Americans must take back control of the schools and abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. Without the massive Fed subsidies that large scale business receives, the scale of American industry would be far smaller in general and the effectiveness of the greedy big business socialist left's tactics would be significantly reduced or even eliminated. Among the wealthy described in the video, at least half, Buffett, Soros, Rockefeller (as far as the current Rockefeller trust, not the original fortune) and Bloomberg, for instance, owe the bulk of their wealth to the Federal Reserve Bank, not to a market economy. 

Obama on 212*

I just sent this letter to Brian Hollander of the Woodstock Times.  

Dear Editor:

There's a rumor circulating in Olive that if anyone questions any of President Obama's policies in the Village of Woodstock he will be sent to Lubyanka Prison-On-the-Sawkill for violating Article 58, paragraph 10 of the limousine liberal code, to wit, violating provisions against "anti-Obama propaganda."  We here in the free world, where there is no pro-Obama censorship, aim to educate you as to what has happened.

In 1996 NBC, a General Electric subsidiary, and Microsoft, decided to form a cable television station, MS-NBC.  GE owns 82%.  It so happens that GE, besides making dish washers and television shows, has a taste for badly run financial institutions closely linked to Wall Street. 

In 2008, Wall Street, realizing that the massive, Democratic Party-installed subsidies that it receives from the Federal Reserve Bank each year would be insufficient for its extraordinary incompetence, decided that it needed a reliable lackey in the White House. The Street wanted bailout money; regulation to put smaller competitors at a disadvantage; and ever-increasing expansion of the monetary base.

It was determined that these objectives are best accomplished through a limousine liberal who claims to be helping the poor when in fact he is helping the rich, someone much like those who enforce Article 58, paragraph 10 of the limousine liberal code on Tinker Street. Someone acceptable to George Soros and Warren Buffett.  So in 2008 both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs donated an unprecedented 2:1 in favor of the Obama campaign.  And GE's employees at MS-NBC such as Chris Matthews told the limousine liberals of Woodstock, who quaintly believe themselves to be especially clever but can't figure out that Matthews works for GE, to rally behind their new comrade, Barack Hussein Obama. 

Mr. Obama was elected. Monetary reserves having been tripled in 2008 by Wall Street's previous lackey, George W. Bush, have been maintained and reenforced. The Iraqi and Afghanistan wars that motivate monetary expansion that contributes to the stock market's health have been steadfastly maintained.  As well, Mr. Obama and the Democrats put forward a regulation plan that Morgan and Goldman absolutely love.  The chief effect of Mr. Obama's health bill was to tax lower income Americans who are not covered and previously got emergency room care for free.  The stock market went up for four straight days following the health care law's passage.  Indeed, the market has been having a great ride as a result of all the new Obama money rolling out of the Democratic Party-installed printing presses.  Chris Mathews's supervisors at GE are especially happy because of the bailout. Both George Soros and Henry Paulson are investing in gold. And President Obama's supervisors at Goldman are rolling in dough, having earned over $3 billion in the last quarter. 


Mitchell Langbert 

*Route 212 runs from the Town of Shandaken to the Village of Saugerties, NY.  When it passes through Woodstock it is called Tinker Street.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Letter to IRS Re Southern Poverty Law Center

PO Box 130
West Shokan, New York 12494
April 22, 2010

Lois G. Lerner, Director
Exempt Organizations Division
Internal Revenue Service
1111 Constitution Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20224

Dear Ms. Lerner:

I am a former contributor to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  I have become increasingly concerned by the Center's apparent involvement in politically partisan advocacy, in particular advocacy and support of the election of President Barack Obama. Although many have been enthusiastic about President Obama's election, the dissemination of propaganda on his behalf is not permissible under the tax code.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has invented disinformation concerning the so-called "Tea Party" movement, which is in essence a movement that concerns partisan politics and specifically opposes socialism and the increasing scope of government.  Without competence or knowledge, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been libeling the Tea Party movement, accusing it of violence that parallels that of fringe groups whom the SPLC has traditionally monitored.  In fact, the Tea Party constitutes 17% of the American electorate, according to a recent poll.  The SPLC has made radical, unverified accusations about the Tea Party in an effort to support the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.

Further evidence of the SPLC's political nature might include the absence of a single Republican from their board; other propaganda-style attacks on behalf of additional Democratic candidates; and any direct involvement of the group's officers with the Democratic Party.

I urge you to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center. I contributed to them in good faith for many years in the 1980s and 1990s because I believed them to be an anti-bias and anti-KKK organization.  However, as a member of the Tea Party movement, I now learn that they are calling me ugly names because I do not believe in their socialist political program. 


Mitchell Langbert

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Senate Republicans Ready to Jump On Democrats' Big Government Regulation Gravy Train

I just received this letter from John Tate of the Campaign for Liberty.  Read it, take action and weep. Can American democracy have failed this badly that the response to the failures of the Federal Reserve-Investment Banking nexus is to strengthen both? 

April 22, 2010

Dear Mitchell ,

Despite all the limited government rhetoric you're hearing from the Republican Party these days, it appears that Senate Republican leaders, including Richard Shelby, are more than ready and willing to work with Chris Dodd to empower the Fed, add more layers of federal bureaucracy to our economy, and set the stage for future crises.

According to Talking Points Memo, Shelby has stated, "We're very close to a deal and there will be a substantial number of Republicans that go along with it."

The White House is doing everything it can in the media to cram yet another powergrab down the American people's throats. A vote could come at any time, so it's crucial that liberty activists make their voices heard immediately.

Keep reading for more information on how to contact your senators.

Chris Dodd's legislation, which should be called the "Fed Empowerment Act," ignores the true cause of the recent financial downturn: interference in our economy and manipulation of our currency by Congress, the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve.

For all the talk of "change" in D.C., our elected officials are following the same tired old script: if the federal government created the problem, the only solution must be to give it even more power.

Now Senate leaders want to create a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will be housed in and funded by the Fed.

And the Dodd bill would create a "Financial Stability Oversight Council" that would have the ability to require nonbank financial companies to be under the Federal Reserve's supervision based not on their current status, but on what effect they may potentially have on the economy!

Who knows how many businesses will soon be targeted and broken up, under the guise of "reform," solely for standing up to the federal government.

Recently, Washington Examiner journalist Tim Carney has done some terrific work exposing the corporatism behind the White House's rhetoric.

To see how Obama's "reform" plan will actually benefit the big banks and Wall Street firms, especially Goldman Sachs, at the expense of smaller companies and the rest of us, click here to read his piece entitled "Goldman rallies for Obama in Wall Street 'reform'."

Don't let Chris Dodd strengthen the federal government and further entangle the Federal Reserve in our economy without a fight.

Remind your elected officials that any serious effort at true financial reform should start with thoroughly auditing the Federal Reserve.

Click here to get contact information for your senators. Tell them to reject Chris Dodd's Fed Empowerment Act and to stand up for transparency by working for a standalone vote on Audit the Fed, S. 604!

The American people have already suffered too much because of Washington's previous interference in our economy.

Together, let's take a stand for freedom and true reform by opposing the Dodd Fed Empowerment Act and pushing for a long overdue standalone vote on Audit the Fed.

In Liberty,

John Tate

How the Democrats Help the Rich Little Piggy, Hurt the Poor, and Lie All the Way Home

The neatest political trick of the past 150 years was Franklin D. Roosevelt's strategy of establishing social insurance programs that redistributed wealth within the ranks of the middle class and poor and at the same time abolishing the gold standard. The gold standard facilitated the Federal Reserve Bank's redistribution of wealth from the middle class and poor to the super rich.  Thus, he could do what the Whigs had always done, favor redistribution to the rich, but in addition convince Americans that he was redistributing from the super-rich to the middle class and poor.  FDR was the most talented three card monty player in American history, and among the most talented in world history.  He derived this strategy from the Romans, who gave free bread and circus to the plebes while securing the bulk of the wealth deriving from conquest for the privileged.

Roosevelt's trick was accomplished through the effect of monetary expansion on stock prices.  Because almost all of the super rich's income is derived from assets such as stock and real estate, and because expansion of the money supply reduces interest rates and boosts asset values, the super rich, by definition, benefit from expansionist monetary policy. This gain is acquired by taxing the poor and middle class through  inflation that monetary expansion also causes.

Roosevelt also accomplished the dream of Fabian and Swedish-style socialists of creating rigid classes, in effect recreating feudalism.  The lumpenproletariat class was expanded under the New Deal, limiting the prospects of the lowest one third of Americans in a way that follows English or European class structure. This is accomplished by limiting career success to those who can afford to pay for graduate school and who have the necessary middle class social skills. 

The 40th to 99th percentiles in income enjoy varying effects. Those who acquire more assets through credit tend to prosper, whereas those who save cash tend to lose.  Those who pursue expensive educations but do not find employment in the elite sector may tend to lose.  But career losers can compensate through borrowing and investing. The greater the extent of borrowing and investment in assets, the more successful the middle class becomes.  In the 1990s a book on this subject, Stanley and Danko's Millionaire Next Door, pointed out that the majority of millionaires are people who invest repeatedly in small businesses, overcoming their exclusion from government and corporate jobs because they tend to be foreign immigrants who lack the necessary education.  The extent of disabling brainwashing in the American education system is evidenced by the fact that most successful Americans do not come from America.

The out and out winners of the paper system are the upper classes, who benefit most from borrowing and from the artificial expansion of asset values.  The importance of this phenomenon can be seen in the reaction of both the Democrats and the Republicans to the recent credit crunch.  Their first reaction was to prop up stock and real estate values through massive monetary expansion, the fruits of which we have seen in the past year's stock market performance.

Today, three e-mails arrived from NetRightNation, the Congressional Republicans Ways and Means Committee and Americans for Limited Government that illustrate the Democrats' commitment to inflation and subsidy to the super rich.  Fist, NetRightNation (NRN, h/t Adam Bitely) points out that everyone in the world is worried about increasing government debt except Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama.  That's not quite true because George Soros and Henry Paulson are eager for more stimulus that would lead to more debt hence more monetary expansion.  One of the interesting revelations of the recent show-indictment of Goldman Sachs is that Henry Paulson set up a hedge fund after leaving office and one of its chief investments is in gold. Soros as well has invested in gold.  I wonder if Paulson and Soros know something the editors of the Democratic newspapers don't.

NRN reports that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a "stark warning" about the extent of government debt around the world.  But it's full speed ahead for the Obama administration, which aims to borrow an additional trillion a year over the next ten years.  Likely, this will be too little as the economy fails to generate jobs.

Second, the Congressional Repbulicans' Ways and Means (CRWAM) e-mailed that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has found that millions of low- and middle-income Americans will now have to pay a $666 dollar tax (which the Democrats falsely call a fee in order to allow the Supreme Court to lie once again and declare the tax constitutional, which it is not).  According to CRWAM, CBO found that more than half of the 3.9 million Americans who will be forced to pay the tax "will have incomes that are low enough to qualify for premium subsidies" and that in 2016, 3 million Americans with incomes less than five times the poverty level will pay $2 billion in taxes as a result of the tax. 

Adding to the costs will be the need to hire 16,500 inspectors, who will become an interest group that will fight the law's repeal. This is a drop in the bucket of the Democrats' destructive spending plans and is one more example of the Democrats' penchant for authoritarian illegality.

The third e-mail is a press release from Americans for Limited Government (ALG).  ALG writes that the Senate is considering a bill from Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) that would establish a $50 billion fund to subsidize failing companies, in effect recreating the bailout over and over albeit on a smaller scale. Bill Wilson, ALG's president writes that Dodd is not representing the voters of Connecticut but rather Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  ALG writes:

"Dodd bears a great deal of responsibility for causing the financial crisis.  Dodd has no business leading the Senate's effort to 'reform' the financial system.  He is the most corrupt Senator in U.S. history who protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from being reined in while the housing bubble was inflated, and who personally benefited for being a shill for banks with VIP treatment in his loan from Countrywide."

I wish I could be more optimistic about the nation's future, but the public has gleefully committed itself to belief in the three card monty game that FDR devised.  The Democratic and Progressive media call the public's commitment to government incompetence "moderate", but squandering 40 percent of the nation's income is not moderate, nor are the majority of policies that the centralized federal government has pursued.  I am investing in gold and keeping a plane ticket to Hong Kong in my safe.

Washington Post Signals Death Knell for Blue Dog Democrats

Reporter  Sandhya Somashekhar and the spin doctors at the Washington Post feature a story about Cortland County's Michael Arcuri, whom the GOP has named one of the Democrats' most vulnerable Congressman.  The article points out that some Democrats feel that Arcuri betrayed them by voting against Obamacare.  This tempers the following discussion about how Arcuri was elected in 2006 in reaction to President Bush, and he has tried to maintain his position by voting against cap and trade because the majority in Cortland County (presumably outside the SUNY campus there) are conservative.  He did vote for the ridiculous stimulus, but he switched sides on health care and voted against it.

 The article tries to make it appear that public support for the Tea Party is somehow deviant and the good guys, the Democrats,  are unfortunately divided.  This puts a spin on the coming election as follows. If Arcuri loses, it is because of the deviant Tea Party extremists.  If he wins, it is because the Democrats held together.

The article points to why the Republicans are NOT the party of small government. Compared to many Republicans, Arcuri is a better man.  He is responsive to his constituents, who, the article points out, tend to be conservatives.  Might not the Republicans be focusing on those Democrats who are both (a) vulnerable and (b) voted for health care?  Arcuri should be rewarded for opposing cap and trade and health care, not targeted.  

No wonder why the Republicans never seem to be able to eliminate programs. They focus on partisanship instead of reducing government.  This is good evidence to avoid contributing to the Republican National Committee.  They are dodos.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Definition of Racism

[rey-siz-uhm] --noun
1. questioning of or disagreement with the policies of President Barack Hussein Obama, such as socialized health care and taxes on fuel.  
2. the belief in individualism and freedom as outlined by John Locke in his Second Treatise on Government, in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States, esp. as it interferes with the programs, policies and cult of President Barack Hussein Obama
3. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
4. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
5. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
6. dislike of President Barack H. Obama 

1865–70; < F racisme. See race2, -ism; 2008 < USA media, racism

racist, noun, adjective
an·ti·ra·cism, noun
an·ti·ra·cist, noun, adjective

Monday, April 19, 2010

Iraqi Security Forces Kill Two Senior Al Qaeda Leaders

I just received this from Phil Aver by e-mail.  The article is from Us Forces-Iraq.
> BAGHDAD—Iraqi Security Forces, supported by U.S. Forces, killed the two most-senior leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) early Sunday morning during a series of joint security operations 10 km southwest of Tikrit.
Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir, also known as Abu Ayyub al Masri, is the military leader of AQI, the terrorist organization responsible for facilitating attacks against Iraq and Coalition forces as well as Iraqi civilians.  Abu Ayyub al Masri replaced Abu Musab al Zarqawi when Zarqawi was killed in June of 2006 and is directly responsible for high profile bombings and attacks against the people of Iraq.

Also killed during the engagement was Hamid Dawud Muhammad Khalil al Zawi, otherwise known as Abu Umar al-Baghdadi, who served AQI as the leader of the proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and held the title “Prince of the Faithful.”

The death of these two terrorists is a potentially devastating blow to AQI.

A series of Iraqi-led joint operations conducted over the last week resulted in the Iraqi Forces, with U.S. support, executing a nighttime raid on the AQI leaders’ safe house.  The joint security team identified both AQI members, and the terrorists were killed after engaging the security team.  Additionally, Masri’s assistant, along with the son of al-Baghdadi, who were also involved in terrorist activities, were killed.

After conducting preliminary questioning and initial examination of the evidence during the operation, Government of Iraq elements arrested 16 additional suspected criminal associates of the warranted individuals.

“The death of these terrorists is potentially the most significant blow to al-Qaeda in Iraq since the beginning of the insurgency,” said United States Forces-Iraq commander, Gen. Ray Odierno.  “The Government of Iraq intelligence services and security forces supported by U.S. intelligence and special operations forces have over the last several months continued to degrade AQI.  There is still work to do but this is a significant step forward in ridding Iraq of terrorists.  As the GoI continues to protect the people of Iraq, the U.S. stands ready to assist them.”

During the operation, a USF-I Soldier was killed during the assault when a U.S. helicopter crashed.

New York Times, Huffington Post Are Turkey Farms

I was just doing a little web surfing.  I Googled the words "tea party" and "racism".  There was an article on Huffington Post recently calling the Tea Partiers ignorant racists. As well, the New York Times had an article about Confederate History Month and someone commented on the Times's  blog about the Woodstock Times article, specifically alluding to my statement on this blog that I am a Confederate. Of course, that has nothing to do with race or slavery. It is an allusion to the 10th Amendment and decentralization.  I conclude from looking at the articles and posters on both the Huffington Post blog and at the New York Times that both are turkey farms. Their readers are turkeys.  And that goes for the so-called journalists as well. And it goes for whoever wrote that dull-witted post.

I celebrated with a letter to Brian Hollander, editor of the Woodstock Times:

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 5:28 AM
Subject: Fw: Corrected: American Breakfast Tea
Dear Editor Hollander: 
Thank you and Paul Smart for the coverage of our nascent Tea Party group ("American Breakfast Tea", April 8).  However, a point of clarification regarding Mr. Smart's reference to my belief in the Confederacy, John Calhoun and Andrew Jackson is in order.  I write in part because one of the Woodstock Times's  readers quoted the article and libelously alluded to it on a New York Times blog.  Please note that my reference to the Confederacy, John C. Calhoun and Andrew Jackson had nothing at all to do with slavery or race. This is a common libel concerning the Tea Party among the benighted social democratic press.  It is false that the Tea Party has to do with racism.
If you read my blog regularly you know that Mr. Smart took my point out of context.  My chief interest is in decentralization of government. John C. Calhoun and Andrew Jackson were two of the most important advocates of decentralization. This is closely related to modern management theories of Alfred Chandler and Oliver Williamson. 
Moreover, I am surprised that any of your readers are unaware that the primary issue over which the Civil War was fought was not slavery but states' rights and decentralization. This appears to be one more application of the rule that the more leftists and "progressives" preen themselves about their supposed superior intellects, the more limited their educations turn out to be.  In addition, your reader quoted Mr. Smart's quotation from my blog, which was deliberately selected to be incendiary (we love you anyway, Paul), without having taken the trouble to read it. If your readers wish to read my blog rather than draw libelous conclusions without having done so, it is located at
Mitchell Langbert

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Because The Left Voted, These Guys Got In

From top: Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, Barack Obama, Pol Pot.

Obama Offers Payoff for Votes; MSNBC Announcer Defends Split Speeches

Newsbusters and legendary blogger Doug Ross report that MSNBC announcer Jay Barbree was visibly upset when he learned that Barack Obama has staged an audience on a NASA base. Obama did give a speech to NASA employees, but none of the NASA employees were allowed to attend an official speech.  Off camera, Obama told the employees that if they voted for him they could keep their jobs.  Only academics and government officials, Obama's lackeys, were allowed to attend the longer speech. 

Newsbusters reports that another MS-NBC announcer, Alex Witt, justified the direct quid pro quo and split speeches that in effect differentiate Americans into two of the three classes that Obama is establishing, the upper, academic-Wall Street class; the vulnerable and dependent middle class of state employees, not permitted freedom of speech and expression because of their dependence on the socialist state; and the lumpenproletariat, loyal to their Fuhrer and to the socialism that keeps them in their place with a crust of bread and an apartment in a city project.

BARBREE: ...I'm a little disturbed right now, Alex. I just found out some very disturbing news. The President came down here in his campaign and told these 15,000 workers here at the Space Center that if they would vote for him, that he would protect their jobs. 9,000 of them are about to lose their jobs. He is speaking before 200, extra hundred people here today only. It's invitation only. He has not invited a single space worker from this space port to attend. It's only academics and other high officials from outside of the country. Not one of them is invited to hear the President of the United States, on their own space port, speak today. Back to you Alex.

WITT: Alright Jay I can understand why that would certainly get you a bit upset. I will say, on behalf of the Obama administration, they contend that 2500 new jobs will be created, even more, they say, than the 2012 Constellation would have created, that program. So I know all this remains to be seen, but understandably we get why you're upset, right now. Along with many others down there. Let's see if the President clears that up later today. Jay thanks so much.