Saturday, April 24, 2010

Greedy Socialist Billionaires Aim to Ruin Your Life

A reader recommended this video.  It overdoes the conspiracy slant.  Historians have long noticed that big business in America has always been sympathetic to Marxism.  The footage of Bill Gates is priceless.  His left-wing sympathies are no surprise. What better tool to shore up a mediocre firm like Microsoft than to illegalize your competition, making your own business the legal norm? 

Americans are foolish to be taken in by the likes of Soros, Gates, et al.  To the extent that they have, the quality of life in America has declined sharply over my lifetime (the past 56 years) and will decline even more sharply.

To counter the propaganda Americans must take back control of the schools and abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. Without the massive Fed subsidies that large scale business receives, the scale of American industry would be far smaller in general and the effectiveness of the greedy big business socialist left's tactics would be significantly reduced or even eliminated. Among the wealthy described in the video, at least half, Buffett, Soros, Rockefeller (as far as the current Rockefeller trust, not the original fortune) and Bloomberg, for instance, owe the bulk of their wealth to the Federal Reserve Bank, not to a market economy. 

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Doug Plumb said...

I agree that the Fed must be abolished. We need a government owned central bank - I do not believe we will or should see a return to the gold standard. Bills of Exchange work fine, without the socialist conspiracy.

We need a department of monetary policy, along with the executive and judicial branches.

We need to send the members of the British Association Regency back to England where they can support their oligarchy from there 8-). Money and law are one, and the BAR must go the way of the private central banks - back to the English socialists.