Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bliss Is Better Than Ignorance

A friend has been up in arms about slanted, pro-Obama coverage.  It is not that the media is liberal, corporatist, or mainstream.  The media is a dumb wasteland.  I advised her to avoid making herself ignorant and turn off the TV or close the newspaper forever.

M, why watch the bozos on television?  You know that they are propagandists, and often ignorant ones.  Why waste your time with the likes of the guy you’re writing to (whom I’ve never heard of, incidentally, and I am happy about it).  You know that the television, radio, and print sources are, with few exceptions, sources of lies, propaganda, ignorance, and stupidity—usually all of them combined—so why help their ratings by watching them?    I haven’t watched television or read a Wall Street-linked newspaper in years, and I am better informed for it. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is America a Moral Nation?

The American left lacks morality.  It is not that it is immoral; rather, America's elite, educated class does not know what morality is and depends on theft for its status.  That has been true of all elites with the exception of some of the American and British elites of the 18th through 20th centuries, especially the so-called robber barons, who, despite moral flaws, created wealth in proportion to their obtaining it.  All other elite classes in history have obtained wealth through criminality. These includes the socialist elites in Europe and Asia as well as past feudal elites.

Left-wing ideology is  therapy for the American elite's moral emptiness.  Left-wing Americans believe that other members of society are as morally empty as they are, so others must be regulated and controlled.  The left's lack of morality is elucidated in its power lust, for it sees itself as regulator and controller--the dictator to others of what is moral.  Because it does not know what morality is, yet claims to act in the name of morality, the left's aims are inherently unstable and illogical.  The instability threatens public well being.  Most Americans are not as morally empty as the left;  it is the left's power lust from which most Americans need protection.  Education has emptied America of morality, and the Progressive ideology in which America is indoctrinating its children is therapy for the teachers' moral nothingness. 

In business schools ideologies like corporate social responsibility are their therapy.  They transfer their basic, human need for moral belief and faith to empirical science, to the state, and to ideology.  But positivism cannot replace morality, and it cannot replace faith.  The grasping for power is desperate;  the left transforms the millions of human beings it has butchered into symptoms of moral nothingness.  In the American educational system, the left's holocaust never occurred; my students do not know the Soviet, Chinese, or Cambodian death count.

America's move to the left is a symptom of torn moral fabric.  This is no longer a nation that is tolerant, free, or righteous. This is a nation that aims to print money, to get something for nothing, and to use the rhetoric of democracy to extract wealth from its victims.The victims will be the Americans themselves--those who who have supported Progressivism and those who have opposed it.

Whither the Economy?

I have been pondering the gold and stock markets this week, and I am concluding that there will be another leg to the downtrend, then a nice robust rally in the stock market for about a year. The rally may be as much as 50%.  That will absorb some of the liquidity that the Fed has created.  I am waiting for another fall before getting in.  The same is true of gold, but the fall might be sharper.  I have been totally out of precious metals since early April.  I am about 35% in the stock market. If it falls another 5-10% I'm in.