Friday, August 2, 2019

How Many Students Major in Politically Correct Subjects?

Someone raised a point in a comment on an earlier post that large numbers of students do not major in the politically correct subjects such as the humanities and social sciences.  That is true, although the subjects that are relevant to politics are left dominated.  Also, in my "Homogeneous" study I found that  in liberal arts colleges biology has a partisan slant that is similar to the social sciences.  Subjects like business that do not seem likely to be left dominated may be so, at least in some segments of the field. In business the segments of management, human resources, and business ethics may be like the soft social sciences.  Health professions and biomedical fields may also have complex distributions of political affiliation.

I looked up on the NCES site the numbers of students who major in the eight leading fields.  They are as follows:

Majors            Numbers of Students

Business...…………... 364,000
Health professions..216,000
Social sciences...…..167,000

Social sciences, psychology, arts, and education are PC suspect while engineering is not.   Hence,  (167,000 + 118,000 + 96,000 + 92,000 =)  473,000 of 1.261 million, or 37.5%, are likely in the PC-major category; 98,000 of 1.261 million or 7.8% are in the non-PC-major (engineering) category;  business, health professions, and biomedical are unclear.  These total 690,000 or 54.7% of the 1.261 million students in the eight-most-popular majors.

More research needs to be done to learn how many students are in majors with different degrees of partisanship.  In leading universities the slant is more extreme than in all institutions.  

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Socialism: An Infantile Disorder

My last "Mitchell Langbert Moment"  for the Glazov Gang season, "Socialism: An Infantile Disorder," appears here.  Jamie Glazov writes:

This new edition of the Glazov Gang presents Prof. Mitchell Langbert, a professor of business at Brooklyn College, the City University of New York. Last year totalitarian university professors, anti-First Amendment Antifa students, and the national media waged a concerted campaign to have him fired.

Prof. Langbert focuses on Socialism — An Infantile Disorder, unveiling the derangement of our establishment media, Bernie Sanders and the “Radical Squad”.
I add this: Given the consistent failure of socialism;  its close association with the gravest mass murders in history; and the scientific knowledge, by now nearly 100 years old, that socialism cannot possibly be as efficient as free market capitalism, the question as to why university professors, their students, the national media, and a wide swath of American elites continue to advocate a deranged policy choice deserves more careful study.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Congressman Delgado: We Need To Know

PO Box 130
West Shokan, NY 12494
July 28, 2019

The Honorable Antonio Delgado
1007 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Delgado:

Where can I find a copy of your Harvard transcript and a copy of your three most recent tax returns? If they are not yet public, may I please have a copy.

Thank you,

Mitchell Langbert

TV News Becoming a Fringe Source

It is time to revisit the Pew poll in 2016 that found that 57% of Americans get their news from television. Pew found an age-related trend, with 50% of those 18-29 relying on Internet sources but 85% of those 65 and over relying on television.  The recent Mueller testimony and the American media's embarrassing, deceitful performance with respect to the Russia collusion hoax have blown the lid open:  Big media is  a partisan, deceitful force. That was always true, but they have never before been so sloppy and so open about their pro-Democratic Party and pro-deep state lying and propaganda.  The Mueller investigation may be a watershed in Americans' recognition that their press is fraudulent, TV news is fraudulent,  and leading Internet sites are fraudulent.   We may be looking at a future in which TV news is so discredited that that it will become a fringe, crank source like the National Enquirer or left-wing tabloids sold at the gates of college campuses.