Friday, June 27, 2014

News Coverage of My Struggle against Political Correctness at Brooklyn College

The New York Post, Inside Higher Education, and the New York Observer have covered my struggle at Brooklyn College concerning the dean's refusal to provide funding for ideas I had that do not fit the college's socialist ideology.  It saddens me that institutions of higher learning cannot tolerate a  diversity of ideas and opinions.  Since I have arrived in higher education, I have been repeatedly attacked because of my free-market views.

One thing that the articles did not make clear is that all of the ideas that the dean turned down were my own. There were no "strings attached" to anything, and the foundation did not encourage me to pursue anything.  Rather, the dean refused to allow me to get funding for my ideas because the faculty will not tolerate them.

Talk about academic freedom as a reason to refuse funding from the Charles G. Koch Foundation and other freedom-oriented foundations is pretext.  The faculty of Brooklyn College have squashed my academic freedom to pursue ideas that interest me.  That the bigots do so in the name of academic freedom is telling.  Just as their fellow totalitarians inspired George Orwell's image of Newspeak in 1984, so do universities claim that their suppression of libertarians' academic freedom is in the name of academic freedom.