Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mairi Is Fed Up with the GOP

I just received this e-mail from Mairi of Chicago:

>I watched last night, as word came down that a deal had been reached to extend the 2011 budget. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I was ENRAGED!
Carl Cameron gave his view of what had happened, and I have to tell you, I have despised that man since he leaked the stories of Sarah Palin being attacked by staff members of John McCain's candidacy as a "diva". The man is a jackanapes, IMHO...

Personally, I have had it with the GOP. They are just DemocRATS on quaaludes. They have tried to convince the American public each time they caved in and passed a CR, that they were gaining in spending cuts with each new resolution.....unfortunately, the amount of spending so far overshadowed any supposed cuts, those CR's were rendered eunuchs. There was no victory in their passage.

And now we come to last night's marathon negotiations. Republican cronies tried to place such a happy spin on what had occurred, claiming that never before in history had so many spending cuts been accomplished. Fact of the matter is, never before in history has America ever been faced with such enormous debt that even our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be devastated by it's effects. The global economy is teetering on the brink, and if America falls, NO ONE SURVIVES the consequences.

There is no "happy spin" on what happened last night in the Capital. Republicans caved. They blinked, their knees knocked, and DemocRATS took full advantage.
I am FINISHED with Republicans. I am finished with the likes of Michele Bachmann and Allen West, Rand Paul and Jason Chaffetz. They sound so on the side of the American people, but fact of the matter is, not one of them has stood tall on the eligibility issue, or LtC. Terry Lakin. They can claim all they want that they value the Tea Party and all the principles and virtues of Constitutionality that it embraces, but as I see it, they are just party hacks taking advantage of an opportunity. I am pleased that they voted "no" to the deal, but that is negated by the outcome. Not one has the cajones to LEAD!

In the future, I will be looking to alternative parties like the AIP and the Constitution Party to begin picking up the slack with candidates who know, understand, and revere our Constitution. It's time for the former Whig party to consider a comeback, or even possibly the Tea Party becoming just that, a new "Party". Those in the future who claim affiliation with Republican or DemocRATS will not gain my support. I really felt confident after last November that Republicans could not only be led to the water, but would actually drink. They, IMHO, have refused. They have no concern for the Constitution, and the fact that they caved so easily, without a threatened government shut-down so welcomed by the American people this time around, is all the evidence I needed to convince me, that while these two parties exist in D.C, nothing will ever change for the better.
I HOPE everyone is signed up for, and will familiarize yourselves with ALL of the "alternative" parties which embrace the Constitution. I consider the best to be, "the American Independent Party", "the Constitution Party", and probably at this point, even Libertarians.

I am open to suggestions from any of you.........2012 will be here before we know it, and it's time to have Constitutionalists in the forefront. There are GREAT candidates already waiting for the opportunity to have your support, like John Dummett, who has been trying to gain support and recognition for some time now. It behooves us to become familiar with real candidates who need our support to win against the Reps' and Dems' power brokers and money. It will be important to identify Constitutionalists, make others very aware, and build enough awareness that these candidates WILL prevail. I have Faith after last November that we CAN and WILL achieve the goal if we remain focused.

GOD Bless,