Thursday, February 15, 2018

Political Correctness and the Obsolete Man

This is a Twilight Zone episode from the early 1960s anticipating the Democratic Party's obsession with political correctness. Let me out of here.


Thiel May Resign from Facebook

The Democrats' authoritarian obsession with political correctness isn't limited to their tax-subsidized, partisan clubhouses like universities, colleges, government agencies, and labor unions. Peter Thiel, a member of the Facebook board, is moving to LA, in part to get away from the Democratic Party atmosphere in Silicon Valley. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Thiel has also discussed with people close to him the possibility of resigning from the board of Facebook Inc., the people familiar with his thinking said. His relationship with the social-networking company—where he has been a director since 2005, the year after its founding—came under strain after a dispute with a fellow director over Mr. Thiel’s support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign...

Democrats encourage disagreement until people disagree.