Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama & Republican GOP Push Up Oil Prices by Illegalizing High-MPG Cars

H/t Levi Halberstam.  According to this guy, Ford and Volkswagen have 50- to 70-mpg cars that the US government has illegalized.  Where are the environmentalist Democrats and the free market Republicans? 

Woodstock versus Ron Paul

My wife and I went for a walk in Woodstock, NY this afternoon.  I asked one of the local psychics whom she supports---Romney or Obama.  She answered that she does not support anyone because the elections are rigged by "men in black suits," and she was talking figuratively about the black suits.  When I returned home I noticed the above on Facebook. Maybe there's hope. Thanks to Sara Reckelhof Leaks, Frank Stephenson and artist Tim Cavanaugh.