Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama & Republican GOP Push Up Oil Prices by Illegalizing High-MPG Cars

H/t Levi Halberstam.  According to this guy, Ford and Volkswagen have 50- to 70-mpg cars that the US government has illegalized.  Where are the environmentalist Democrats and the free market Republicans? 


Anonymous said...

What does the nonpareil Dr. Langbert opine about the French elections? And the Greek elections?

Anonymous said...

Bain Capital explained

Anonymous said...

Not sure on this, but:
-higher gas price results in higher revenue to Saudi's and whoever
-they use $$ to buy military and whatever from US
-$$ going to military industrial complex and many don't pay taxes or have other loopholes?
Result: Bottom of US shafted. Not worth going to work for lowest income. Not enough $$ for kids tuition at local community college. Must cut back on good food and eat cheap unhealthy stuff with eventual higher costs to health system...on and on.
I live at the bottom, Been studying this four years. Current analysis: Poverty created with intention. Want more? email: