Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life at the Bottom

Theodore Dalrymple. Life at the Bottom: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2001.

Theodore Dalrymple is an eloquent writer with an important message. He is a physician who has spent much of his career ministering to Great Britain's permanent underclass, an underclass created by progressive-liberal and left-wing ideologies. Dalrymple writes beautifully, so his essays would be a pleasure to read even without their fascinating if unhappy content. His descriptions of the harm that academia, the media, the school system, the state and Britain's left-wing intellectuals have perpetrated on Britain's underclass are likely to catch the reader's attention.

Mr. Dalrymple is a better writer than most liberal media journalists, and his insights are much more interesting, realistic and important. This book is evidence that progressive-liberalism lives on borrowed time. Despite the enormous resources that the British have thrown at progessive education, welfare, housing and universities, the only breakthrough insights about Britain's poor are coming from this lone physician.

Larwyn Is Still Alive

Larwyn and Doug Ross asked me to post this:

Larwyn is not dead yet!
If you haven't been receiving the "Best, Larwyn" collections for the past 3 days, please check that she's not being rejected as spam.

FYI: At approx 6 PM I sent out the collection, subject:
What would 'Will Bill' Donovan do w/ Eclipse & Sat Shoot Down?/ Princeton & Harvard grad take 2 days to spin Speech given TWICE!/If anything ALARMS YOU - Do Not Mention it/.."be very kind to Uncle Castro"/ Beating Obama-Beating Hill

My "collections" are normally sent to my three main lists which I follow up with a confirming "Yr Posts" email letting the bloggers know I've appreciated their posts included in the collection.

Suddenly beginning on Valentine's Day, all collections sent to AOL email addressees were returned to me.

So I pulled the AOL addressees out of all 3 lists and put in segregated group* to make it easier to track returns. Had one brief respite on the 18th. By the 19th Yahoo, HotMail, Cox and other network addresses began being returned to me.

I have the lists broken down as follows
1. 33 contacts
2. 33 contacts
3. 39 contacts in MILBLOG/INTL
*4. 1O AOL addressee contacts (temp list pulled from first three)

Last night subject collection: Email Proves CNN's Sick Bias For Marxist Thugs /OBAMA's GLOBAL POVERTY ACT HR3605 -Biden TRIES RUSH/Kosovo & Denmark/Galen brings tears using Lee Greenwood Lyrics in ALWAYS PROUD/ No one expects to leave the Canadian Inquisition!
was returned as follows:
1. (25) of the 33 sent via Gmail
2. (28) of the 33 sent via Gmail
3 (12) of the 39 sent via Comcast
4 (10) of the 10 sent via Gmail
and 4 of the 16 addressees for the "Yr Posts" confirmation were returned also sent via Gmail.