Wednesday, October 20, 2010

De Russy Wins Debate

Cortes de Russy performs brilliantly in his Journal News-sponsored  debate with Congresswoman  Nita Lowey.  De Russy is a last minute write-in candidate but his performance is so grand that he dwarfs Lowey. De Russy warrants consideration for a run in two years.  More so, de Russy would make a great gubernatorial or senatorial candidate in four years.

In constrast, Congresswoman Nita Lowey seems foolish. An economic illiterate who makes repeated partisan swipes at de Russy and then claims that the Republicans are too partisan, Ms. Lowy never saw massive government waste and incompetence that she could not cheer and never saw a looting Democrat whom she could not applaud, all the while accusing Republicans of partisanship.

Their debate reminds me of the recent assertions by one of the speakers at the Ulster County Republican Committee last week, I think it was State Senator Bill Larkin but I'm not sure, that upstate ought to be separated from downstate.  Of course, Ulster County has elected Stalin-on-the-Hudson, Maurice Hinchey, who makes even Lowey look good so maybe I'm being unfair.

I am becoming a partisan separatist. Just as Rome was broken up into the eastern and western Empires, so America may need to be broken in two: the free and the social democratic Americas.  I don't have to tell you to which America Lowey belongs. Lowey's America  is not mine.  One of the funniest moments was when she was saying how great diversity was but she repeatedly displays utter ignorance of the values, culture, philosophy and ideology on which the United States was founded.  Lowey and I probably have similar backgrounds, but I don't consider myself a citizen of Lowey's America, and I don't want her to be a citizen of mine.

I do have one bone to pick with de Russy.  I don't think the banks should have been bailed out.  I think that they should have been liquidated just like the auto companies should have been.  A nation without Wall Street would be healthier and more agile. America needs commercial banks and Wall Street like my dear late mother needed lung cancer.

That said, I was otherwise delighted with de Russy's stellar performance. He is a natural politician and should consider running for Congress or something higher in the coming few years.

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