Sunday, November 2, 2008

Economists for McCain

Larry Johnson of No Quarter USA links to Economists for McCain (h/t Bob Robbins).

According to the site:

"Economists for McCain is an independent, voluntary association of economists who support Senator McCain's economic plan for America. Economists for McCain is not an official arm of the John McCain 2008 campaign. Economists for McCain accepts no dues, fees, donations, or contributions."

According to an October 22 press release, Economists for McCain boasts more than 650 signers of statements either supporting John McCain’s economic plan or opposing Obama’s.

James Carter, founder of Economists for McCain, says that “the McCain tax plan would increase the private sector portion of GDP relative to the baseline by about 2.7 percent, and the Obama tax plan would reduce private sector GDP by about 3.5 percent, a significant 6.2 percent difference…between the two plans.” The study also finds that pre-tax wages would increase 2.2 percent under McCain’s tax plan, but drop 2.6 percent under Obama’s.

I teach management and business rather than economics, but know enough about economics to conclude that Economists for McCain offers better economic advice than anything in the Obama camp.

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