Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barack Obama--Candidate of Hate

An individual with a hotmail account in the name of Trudi Elias (True the Alias?) has written me a hate e-mail. I am not the first to receive vicious, violent e-mails, letters and phone calls from Barack Obama's supporters. Mr. Obama's campaign in the Democratic primary emphasized his interest in uniting the nation through "change". But his supporters have repeatedly threatened those who have questioned him, subjecting any who dissent to humiliating and invasive attacks. Why are the supporters of a candidate who claims to be for "change" so imbued with the spirit of hate?

Socialism claims to be a doctrine that unites society. Socialists argue that society is an organism, and each part affects the others. We are motivated by love to help our neighbor. But if his neighbor disagrees with his love, like a spurned lover, the socialist's love of neighbor turns into hate. An organic society is impossible if, as Hitler called Jews, a virus is present. Socialists view those who dissent as alien or viral. Socialism has resulted in more murder than any other doctrine in the history of the world. Stalinism, Castroism, Pol Potism, Hitlerism, Maoism have resulted in human butchery without parallel. All in the name of love, of neighbor, of change. Pragmatists like John Dewey who advocate "democratic socialism" repeatedly looked the other way as socialists murdered millions. Dewey is as culpable as any Stalinist for his repeated obfuscation and excuse-making for totalitarianism.

Mr. Obama runs in the socialist tradition. Hitler and Dewey, too, advocated change. The emotion of enforced love, of collectivism, rapidly transmutes into hate. Those who advocate "organic" societies, feudalism, mercantilism, socialism, who would enforce "love", inevitably hate those who disagree. Organic societies lead to oppression, suppression and hate.

Mr. Obama is the most social democratic Senator. His supporters have been imbued with beliefs that mirror those that preceded Hitler: Bismarckian social democracy and Marxian socialism. These philosophies have led to hate.

Mr. Obama's followers are filled with hate because they oppose human nature. They would replace achievement with theft and taxation; tolerance with enforced political correctness; open mindedness with obsessed, hate-filled commitment to Mr. Obama's cult and his philosophy of change.

Trudi Elias is a true bigot, Like a hooded Klansman, Elias lacks the courage to state his or her real name, hiding before the hood of an alias. Like hooded Klansmen, Mr. Obama's followers would lynch all who disagree.


conservative chloe said...

My name is Jamie, I am a 32 year old mother of two. I live in Michigan and just stumbled onto your blog. I previously worked in the Michigan Legislature as Chief of Staff for a representative and I am currently State Director of Legislation for Concerned Women for America of Michigan (a conservative Christian woman's organization founded by Beverly LaHaye). I have been reading 'Windswept House' by Malachi Martin (highly recommended), a fictitious yet non-fiction book about the diabolical struggle within the Vatican. He uses a combination of real events yet rights the story as fiction (although much of it is true). Anyway, he began speaking of John Dewey and to get all the Bishops on board with their new ideals (along with EU formation) they would take a chapter from John Dewey and began a long explanation about to recruit the masses. He touted the first part of "being an agent of change" and the first thing I thought of was Barack Obama. The conversation that ensued was quite startling as I felt I was not reading a page from the Vatican power struggle but from the Democrat Manifesto of "jettisoning the old and bringing in the new mindset". This page discussed the "new thinking" as once thought to be abhorrent now touted as "enlightened". Anyway, so I was googling John Dewey and Barack and found this blog. We may have to network. My email is blog

conservative chloe said...

Ok, I realize their were some errors in my post so don't mistake me for a person with lack of intelligence. Just forgot to revise before posting.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Jamie. I just picked up your e-mail.