Friday, August 15, 2008

Third Request to Barack Obama to Open His Birth Certificate Information

Someone told me that a letter to the Senate office concerning the birth certificate might not go through because it is campaign related and legislative and government offices are prohibited from dealing with campaign issues. I have therefore written to Mr. Obama's campaign:

PO Box 130
West Shokan, New York 12494

The Honorable Barack Obama
Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680

Dear Senator Obama:

There have been accusations that you have refused to allow your birth certificate to be released to the public because you are interested in manipulating your opposition into thinking that there is a problem with it. An image of your birth certificate that has been posted to your campaign website and to the Daily Kos site has been alleged to be a forgery (see I understand that you have campaigned on the premise of change and openness and therefore ought to have an interest in disproving this accusation of old-fashioned manipulation and deception.

Under the State of Hawaii's Revised Statutes HRS Section 338-18 the State of Hawaii may disclose your birth certificate to anyone who has a "direct and tangible interest". I am asking you to authorize, in writing, the State of Hawaii Public Health department to make your birth certificate available to all Americans because all Americans have a direct and tangible interest in it. I also ask you to forward a copy of your authorization letter to me.


Mitchell Langbert


Diogenes said...
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velvethammer said...


Just in case you weren't aware. Jerome Corsi brought up the fraudulent COLB on Fox and Friends yesterday morning.

A Freeper posted a transcription.
[Corsi on Fox News 8/15/08]
Jerome Corsi...There are substantive issues...They said I got the incorrect date of Senator Obama’s marriage...what would be really helpful is if Senator Obama would release primary documents like his birth certificate. The campaign has a false, fake birth certificate posted on their website. How is anyone supposed to piece together...

Steve Doocy - What do you mean they have a false birth certificate???

J - The original birth certificate of Obama has never been release and the campaign refuses to release it...

S - couldn’t that just be a state of Hawaii produced duplicate...?

J - No, it’s a, there’s been a good analysis of it on the internet, it’s been shown to have watermarks from photoshop, it’s a fake document that’s on the webs site right now and the original birth certificate, the campaign refuses to produce.

Isn't that rich? ;) From his mouth to the MSM's ears. And of course since Media Matters is all over 'The Obama Nation' story they have published the rumor on their website.

BTW Thank you for the blog roll link. I appreciate it very much and have returned the favor.

- Velvet Hammer
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