Monday, August 11, 2008

ContrairiMairi Raises More Questions

Here's a thought I just had.....Remember I had asked, "How did Maya get a COLB if she was born in Jakarta?"

I was just looking at info on your new blog, and a HUGE bell went off in my head!

The two COLB's Patricia Decosta (actual), and Husseins/Maya's (possibly fake) say TWO different Things!

Patricia...Date Filed by State Registrar " a record of birth sent from a local hospital?"

Hussein....Date Accepted by State Registrar "possibly indicating someone born somewhere else and late filed?"

Why else two different statements on the same form????
What do you think?
Maya's would also have to be "accepted" if born out of country as we know she was......
Just a thought

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Ray said...

The is no anomaly. The terms "Date accepted" and "Date filed" have both been used in COLB's for Hawaii.