Thursday, August 14, 2008

Orenstein and de Russy Blog on Obama Birth Certificate Mystery

Mr. Obama still fails to respond to two letters I have sent him asking him to come clean and send a letter to the State of Hawaii permitting all Americans to view his birth certificate. I would think that he would be eager to clear the air about this silly little question, yet for some reason he does not respond. Can he change?

Two friends, Phil Orenstein and Candace de Russy, blog on Democracy Project about B.O.'s birth certificate mystery. De Russy asks:

"If all of the discussion about Barack Obama’s birth certificate is hot air, why in the world doesn’t Obama simply end the buzz by handing over a physical copy of his true birth certificate?"

Orenstein argues:

"It is important to look into this because Barack Obama has purportedly deceived the public regarding his true identity and dual citizenship. He may still be a citizen of Indonesia or not. But naysayers and those who argue that this is not a substantive issue miss the point."

Orenstein astutely analyzes the question of whether Republicans should continue to ask questions prior to the Democratic National Convention. As he notes, I believe that all Americans must always ask questions. We cannot rely on the mainstream media, which has proven itself incompetent to serve as analyst and gatekeeper of information. The mainstream media has become a mark-media, "mark" referring to the subject of a confidence scheme.

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Ray said...

Obama produced the digital COLB within 48 hours of becoming the presumptive nominee and most people on the planet who had an interest in it AND who can join dots, knew it had to be valid if he had a U.S. passport.

My guess is that he'll readily show the real paper COLB to anyone who is interested AFTER he becomes the nominee officially.

He has no need to show the real thing to anyone if he doesn't win the nomination.

As a matter of interest, the Texasdarlin blog has just put up an image of Obama's Catholic school registration form which once again shows his birth place and date as being Hawaii in 1961 - so everything keeps pointing to his COLB as being valid and there is no evidence to say that it isn't.