Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pamela Geller/Atlas Shrugs Skeptical of No Quarter Blog Claims

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs writes "I will not publish against Barack Hussein until we see IF he gets the nomination." She had broken the birth certificate story through her work with Techdude. I had heard that Larry Johnson of No Quarter Blog, who is a Clinton supporter, had obtained a copy of the Obama birth certificate. He blogged this over the weekend. Now, Pamela of Atlas, is skeptical of Johnson's claims and wants to avoid helping Hillary. Therefore, she will not publish against Barack Hussein Obama. Pamela contends that Hillary is still a bigger threat than Obama.

I don't agree and I give my reasons below, but in a nutshell, the American public has the right to an electoral system that functions coherently. Partisanship created an electoral system that does not require identification, birth certificates and fingerprinting of candidates. This is a more important problem than Hillary v. Obama, because I don't believe that either can win anyway.

Pamela writes:

>Pro- Hillary blog's are reporting: *BREAKING* Barry Soetoro’s Birth Certificate in Republican Hands [UPDATE]. Just for knowing, it's total bullshit.

>"This "Republican Operative" meme is being spread by Hillary's camp. Operative? Ha! Republicans can barely find their ass with both hands. They are so politically correct they are afraid of their own shadow. They have not touched any of the O-bombshells."

>"This has Clintonostra written all over it...The African American constituency of the Democrat party is not gonna be happy if the nomination is "stolen" from Obama. Hillary wants to deflect blame and direct the nasty anger towards the Republicans...
It ain't the Republicans behind this story...I will not publish against Barack Hussein until we see IF he gets the nomination. BHO is McCain's dream opponent, HRC his nightmare. McCain's 96-year-old mother could beat BHO. The Republicans cannot even run a campaign. HRC is competent, which makes her so dangerous, should she get elected. And she is a lot more ruthless than competent...Rush revealed today that HRC's people were out there long before the Rev. Wright thing got traction, trying to get Republicans to push it forward, so they could keep their hands clean... Do NOT support anything prior to Denver which would further weaken BHO in the event that HRC has plans."

I disagree with this analysis. If Hillary wins, the Democrats lose regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats broke a story about Obama. Moreover, I am unconvinced of the claim that Mr. Obama is not a serious threat. I think that he is a bigger threat than Hillary. One reason is that Obama's followers will drop the Democrats if he does not get the nomination. They will drop Hillary regardless of who obtains any adverse information.

Nor is there any evidence that anyone is going to obtain any information. I haven't seen anything approaching a practical result yet. It may well take several months to obtain the birth certificate. Waiting to cover this until September may make it impossible to get anywhere by the election.

Obama's followers will not care if Republicans or Democrats obtain the birth certificate. A large percentage of them are under-25, Paris Hilton types who are the products of "progressive" education. Thus, they can't even read the birth certificate. They will be upset that Mr. Obama lost, and 30% of them will not vote. That 30% doesn't vote much of the time anyway. Hence, if the birth certificate is revealed before the convention, then Hillary gets the nomination and 30% of Obama's supporters drop out, and therefore McCain wins because more Obama supporters will drop out than McCain supporters will shift. If the birth certificate is revealed after the election, same result.

There is another, more crucial point. The issue of the birth certificate is a matter of ethics, not just politics. The public has a right to know. Whether that results in Hillary Clinton's nomination or not is not the core of the issue. There are weaknesses to a partisan system, one of which is that both sides collude in avoiding improvement in order to enhance each others' capacities to exploit the system. I want the Republicans to win, but I don't want them to do it by gaming a corrupt electoral system. Perhaps this kind of attitude is why, since 1994 when Rush's henchman Newt Gingrich gained power, there have been massive spending increases, increased corruption, corrupt subsidies to Wall Street Banks and increasingly bloated federal budgets. Maybe partisanship is not the solution.

I see no need to suspend coverage of this or to avoid attacking the most likely Democratic nominee. The Republicans should aim to win with good ethics, integrity and principle, not venom and anger at Democrats. Hillary right now is unlikely to get the nomination, so the real target is B.O.

Pamela certainly aims to continue to cover the story. In another blog she writes:

"There is more to come on Obama's citzenship issues. It is well beyond the COLB now. Stay tuned."


Atlas Shrugs said...

I did not drop the story.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Noted--I changed the language.

Ray said...

The only thing that the Atlas Shrugs blog has dropped is the latest fiction about a "Barry Soertoro" certificate being found in Hawaii the other day.

The Texasdarlin blog has also changed their wording about the fiction.