Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pastor James David Manning Calls Obama Greatest American Fraud

Pastor James David Manning cooks with steam (h/t Bob Robbins). Besides the questions he raises about President-elect Obama's birth certificate, calling his election the biggest fraud in American history, Manning points out that the whites who voted for Obama are more racist than those who voted against him.

I had thought of this before. The racist, pro-Obama claim that those who opposed Obama did so because of race speaks to a psychological process known as cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance or mental conflict refers to a process whereby our minds attempt to resolve internally conflicting facts. For instance, if we believe intellectually that racism is wrong but work in a company that is 95% white, attended universities that are 95% white, sent our children to elementary schools that are 95% white and live in neighborhoods that are 95% white, we might sense a mental conflict. In order to resolve their cognitive dissonance, racist white liberals supported Obama. Call it liberal guilt, perhaps, but it is more immediate than mere guilt.

Manning is absolutely right. The worst white bigots I know have all supported Obama, and the left-wing propagandists who make sure that their children attend all-white schools, colleges and universities are the most vocal of Obama's backers. I never saw more politically correct, intolerant left wingers than when I worked in all-white towns and in colleges that were all-white. These university-linked students and fauclty, a bunch of closed-minded bigots, are Obama's base of support.

Manning's points are all spot on and worth a careful listen.

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