Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama Eligibility Issues

I just received the following e-mail to propagandist media outlets from Bob Robbins. Unfortunately for Bob's ulcer, he still believes that they are mass or mainstream media as opposed to propagandists:

>Please report on these activities. I beg of you - for the good of the country! This is probably the biggest story since the beginning of television, and you've almost totally ignored it. Even if it turns out good for Obama, there is a huge story in the number of people who are deeply concerned about this and the number and quality of lawsuits in-work with more to come. Report on THAT.

There are two different lawsuits active at the US Supreme Court right now. One is scheduled for a full conference of all nine judges on December 5. Another is awaiting response from the Obama camp by December 1. So far, Obama has resisted all attempts by journalists and courts to obtain information. He refuses to supply any verifiable data relative to his birth or citizenship. To millions of Americans, that sure looks like he's hiding something!

The only available documents are posted on websites as photographs or “scans” of purported real documents. The existence of or veracity of these real documents have been in question for some time. As of this weekend, technical analysis completed and underway have revealed, with very little room for error, that these documents have been forged or substantially altered.

Dear reporter, journalist, newscaster, commentator or whatever you wish to be called; - THIS IS NEWS!

No specific facts of the situation are above dispute - either pro or con - but the abundance of credible information and the high level of legal activity make this an important topic. Not only should you be reporting it, but you should be involved in significant investigative journalism.

How can you promote your role as a fair and balanced information source when you do not even mention these critical activities? And, many of us watching and listening to you don’t buy for a second that this is because the results aren’t final yet. You always report on many other significant activities “in progress”.

Continued silence is not helping anyone. You are not only allowing, but aiding and abetting a great sore to fester. Better to address it sooner than later. And, it will NOT go away by itself. It will likely only get bigger and bigger.

Please pass this on to many others, blogs, etc., and ask them to ALSO send copies to Fox News, as well as to send Cc and Bcc copies to numerous other recipients.

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