Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mairi's Daily Request to Greta van Sustern

>Dear Greta,
Well, here we go again, the attempt to silence the conservative viewpoint, and GUESS who is going to be hit HARD if Barney and Nancy, and Harry, and yes, even Barack have their way.

We cannot afford to have to keep fighting this fight, it is ugly, divisive, and counter-productive to basic freedoms in America. But all of you know that already.

My question to you is, "WHY don't you stop this nonsense NOW?" It's very easy, you hit them right where it counts! MAKE them PROVE Barack is eligible to be their "fearless leader" in all this anti-American nonsense!

It IS within your power to PROVE to them that Americans will NOT back down. Make them produce Barack's proof of eligibility......if they CAN! That is, without a doubt, the first, and most major hurdle in this whole battle. When they see that true Americans are NOT going to back down on having our Constitution ripped apart by a usurper, they will KNOW we are NOT going to back down on anything else either!

It really is in your hands to put an end to all of this, PLEASE stand up and fight with all means at your disposal for those of us who are also fighting by any and all means at our disposal.

Happy Thanksgiving! Lets make sure next year at this time we are still thankful for our Blessings, and NOT wishing we still had them!

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Anonymous said...

These television personalities know who's buttering their bread now, so I hope your friend isn't holding her breath.

I really don't know why you bloggers pay the slightest attention to what you term the "mainstream media" (I know you don't call them that). The only time I ever hear about them is 2nd hand through you good bloggers, My TV hasn't been hooked up since 9/11.
Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh are absolutely OBSESSED with these parrots. I mean, they are what they are---liars. That's their job. Why even recognize their existence? If someone like me can see through their game, anyone can, if they care to. If they don't, they're probably beyond help.

Your friend hopes to crack the "MSM" barrier, but even if she did, their audience wouldn't get it anyway, unless sex was involved. Did Obama become unqualified because of indiscriminate sex? That they would not tolerate, so long as the news story did not interfere with their regularly scheduled programing.

Did they care about Mr. Clinton selling state secrets to the Chinese, or Oval Office fellatio with Rahm Emmanuel's hooker?