Thursday, November 27, 2008

Has Google Suppressed Atlas?

Bob Robbins has forwarded this blog from Texas Darlin saying that Google has excised the Atlas Shrugs blog and other anti-Obama sites from its search engine:

"Google, the world’s number one search engine, is apparently adjusting its search engines to restrict access to anti-Obama information on the world wide web. I don’t know of a more intelligent, hard-working, ethical anti-Obama blogger than Atlas Shrugs. If Google is disappearing Pamela’s work, it’s flagrant political content-based censorship. Welcome to Obama’s Regime. And they say he’s a 'liberal?'"

Pamela Geller writes:

"A couple of days ago I was wiped off google search pages. Yes, if you google Pamela Geller or Atlas Shrugs, I come up, that is not the issue. My work is not there, it does not come up in google's search results. It is critical to building Atlas that I be searchable.Youtube searches are still intact as are images."

I Googled "Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs" and came up with 32,200 hits, five times what I get when I Google "Mitchell Langbert". But when I Google "Obama birth certificate" I do not see Atlas Shrugs right away, which I would think I should. When I type in "obama birth certificate +atlas +shrugs" I get back 28,100 hits, including from the Atlas Shrugs site, which seems all right to me. I don't really understand how search engines work, or how Google might be editing or altering access.

But one thing's for sure. Google does a great job in providing search and blogging support. On the other hand, by virtue of its virtuosity does Google get too much information about us? I'm not casting aspersions about Google (nor am I clear about what has happened with Pamela) but the left-liberal ideology is largely the dominant paradigm, and it has been used systematically to secure concentrated corporate power even as leftists claim to favor the "underprivileged", minorities and the like. What has happened to the underprivileged and minorities? Take a walk around some of Brooklyn's worst neighborhoods, which were nothing like this before the left started to become ascendant in the 1930s.

Is big business capable of suppression of conservative bloggers on behalf of the pro-Obama progressive left? Of course. So whatever has gone on with respect to Geller's site, I respect what she says.


Ted said...

Best explanation (following 2 you tube videos) I've seen for the total media blackout of what is the single greatest news event and domestic threat -- let's call it OBAMAGATE -- since the outbreak of the American Civil War and for the sincere prayers of the American people that the United States Supreme Court -- let's call it OUR LAST HOPE -- now to have the courage to save our great nation as we have come to know it:

Anonymous said...

Godless Google & the Obama Voter

Pictured above is one in a series of Google slaps at the United States of America. The picture is of "Thanksgiving" which must be from their occidental transplant artist who thinks communist pith helmets are proper for American Veterans Day and has some bizarre Chinese plants growing on the American Thanksgiving Holy Day.

One will notice Google has no mention of God.

Google has no mention of Pilgrims who came to America for religious freedom due persecution from the Eurasian continent.

Google has no mention of American Indians.

Google though is just plain weird. In one pumpkin is mingled wonderful green and flowering plants.

Ask yourself if it is HARVEST and flowers are in summer what on earth has that got to do with Thanksgiving?

Google has produced some sort of summer solstice of what looks like weeds that are foxtails, weeds which are members of some kind of sunflower plant, green onions, green Chinese cabbage and green corn.
I have no idea if the fruit in the basket is apples or tomatoes. If apples, apples were not red in that period of time and since the apple is native to Asia I don't quite know how apples were in America until Johnny Appleseed planted them and if tomatoes, tomatoes are from the central American region and not Massachusetts.
Most people thought the things poisonous and would not touch them.

This is the absolute hate crime insensitivity which is Google in putting people in place and condoning hate filled artwork which is a criminal slap at all Americans.

The above is just as insane as putting Bonzo the chimp in for George Washington on July 4th dressed as a Chinese prostitute. The two have nothing to do with that Holy American day and yet that is what Google does.

How much sense does it take to know that corn which is green in November will be killed by frost and produce no crop to feed you through the winter?

How much sense does it take to know the history of apples?

How much sense does it take to know Thanksgiving is not about chewing on weeds and Chinese cabbage in a summer setting?

It is cold. Leaves are dead which is why they are brown and the meal is about being thankful to God for a havest to see you through the winter all based upon the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles which is about Christ's Second Coming, which is what the Pilgrims were all about as they were Christians.

I don't expect a great deal from Google as they are Obama voters without any common sense or having paid attention in school. I do though expect Google on international hate crimes to either fire their lame artist and people how vet this garbage who are the owners or hire someone who at least paid attention in school to American and world history.

What a wonderful Obamanation world we live in when the things most sacred are degraded deliberately by Google.

But then they have time to log this account out, harass this account and carry on like a bunch of Trotskyite communists just like Barack Obama.

God bless the Good and His People remember this Day as a High Day in thanksgiving to Him and in steadfast faith Jesus will return.


Anonymous said...

Try Googling the phrase "It is critical to building Atlas that I be searchable". The search does not return a link to "Atlas Shrugs", where the phrase originally appears, though it does return links to six other sites where the blackball of Atlas is discussed. This, IMO, is proof that Google has suppressed Atlas, and probably other sites based on political criteria.