Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Obama Leland Gaunt? He Refuses to Reveal COLB: Theories Fly

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs (h/t Norma Segal) raises intriguing questions about the Obama birth certificate:

>o How could Stanley Ann Dunham have delivered Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. in August of 1961 in Honolulu, when official University of Washington records show her 2680 miles away in Seattle attending classes that same month?

oApparently the Governor of Hawaii has sealed Obama's birth certificate records. Why? Why seal the records? What is Obama afraid of?

Pamela notes that Obama has admitted having had dual citizenship with Kenya as a child. According to Doug Edelman in

"Thanks to the lawsuit filed by Philip Berg, Obama now ADMITS (on his "Fight the Smears" website and that he held dual citizenship with Kenya as a child. This, in and of itself, may arguably disqualify him under Article II as the whole point of the "Natural Born Citizen" requirement is the avoidance of divided allegiances."

Obviously, Pamela's allegations contradict those of Andy Martin, who contends that Obama is really the son of Frank Marshall Davis.

Behind all of the rumors is, of course, Barack Obama's steadfast refusal to allow Berg, Martin or anyone else to obtain hard copy of the original Certificate of Live Birth, the typed vault copy that includes the father's name and other potentially embarrassing information. Incredibly, the Federal Elections Commission does not believe that this tidbit is relevant to its financial review of candidates, and State Boards of Elections run the election system much as the Public Health Service would run your health care under national health insurance. Thus, Obama has been able to lie.

The flurry of law suits and cross-claims reminds me of the Stephen King movie "Needful Things" in which Max von Sydow plays Leland Gaunt, a Satanic store owner who sells "needful things" to everyone in the town, but requires each customer to pull a prank, causing a major contretemps of all against all. Finally, Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Ed Harris) figures out that it is the devil in disguise, Leland Gaunt, who is behind the town's civil war. It may be coincidental that the name "pangborn" refers to birth, and the issue with Obama is his birth certificate. Really.

Will Obama's endless lying and deception lead to the next American Civil War?

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