Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Not Antichrist, But Is Likely Supporter

Conservative Chloe has forwarded Jack van Impe's discussion of the criteria for someone to be considered the Antichrist. It is clear that Barack Obama is not the Antichrist per se, but it seems equally likely that he is closely aligned with him. Van Impe establishes specific criteria for someone to be the Antichrist.
First, he begins to call himself God. This is indeed one of Obama's characteristics. Hence, there is perhaps a connection. But the Antichrist is enmeshed in the European Union, which does not seem to be the case with Obama. However, it is also true that Obama has kept his birth information a locked secret, and there are numerous contradictions surrounding stories of his birth, such as that his mother was registered at the University of Washington at the same time that she is recorded to have given birth in Hawaii as well as a mystery as to who the father was (Franklin Marshall Davis, Barack Obama, Sr., etc.).

Is it possible that Obama was really born in the European Union? Why does he hide his vault birth certificate so aggressively, to the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to prevent Phil Berg from obtaining it? Moreover, Obama's religious affiliation is controversial. Some of his opponents say that he is a Muslim, while his media supporters say that he is a Christian. Impe argues that a "one-world religious system" will characterize a coming one-world dictator. Many people such as Louis Farrakhan have called Obama the "Messiah". This overlay of religious and secular power seems consistent with Impe's analysis.

While Obama may not be the "one-world dictator" he may be laying the groundwork for him. One trend in this direction is Europe's revival as a monetary power as America debases its currency and falters economically due to powers of the Federal Reserve Bank. The resulting strengthening of the Euro relative to the dollar increases the likelihood that the Euro could become the one-world currency, the role the dollar currently occupies. As the Euro becomes dominant, Europe would become the center of the world's economy. Obama's efforts to socialize and weaken the American economy, pursue inflation and redistribute wealth from productive Americans to those who do not produce would be consistent with this turn of events.

Impe writes that "Rome will again be the center of the world economically, politically, militarily, and spiritually." Given the collapse of the dollar under liberal policies, which Obama represents, and the American left's attack on human effort, freedom and the free market economic system, it seems that it has been necessary for the Antichrist to be at least supported by an attack on America "from inside" by New Age, left wing extremists in order to permit the European Union to become dominant. Obama might be playing this role.

Similarly, the current emphasis on regional alliances such as NAFTA, the European Union and ASEAN, is consistent with biblical prophecy. The emphasis on regional alliances flies in the face of economic logic, for unimpeded trade rather than regional trade barriers are economically optimal, as the economist Jagdish N. Bhagwati has pointed out. Yet, there has been increasing pressure from various quarters to break up the globe into economic regions. The Bible predicts this.

It does not appear that Barack Obama is the Antichrist for some other reasons. First, according to Impe, "Not only does (the Antichrist) have to arise out of the EU but he does not desire women." But Barack is married, although he does appear rather effeminate or unisex, and no one knows what his desires are. At the same time, there are many similarities between Obama and the Antichrist, according to Impe:

1. The Antrichrist will do according to his own will; is "a person driven by self"; and is only altruistic in order to advance his agenda.

2. He exalts and magnifies himself. The Antichrist is likely a public figure from early on who thrives on attention.

3. Verse 37 says that he will have no regard for the God of his fathers.

4. He will Honor a god of 'fortresses'. Fortresses refers to power hungry politician type.

5. He will act against the strongest world power in conjunction with a foreign god . He will advance the religion of this false god, and ultimately cause this false religion t rule over many.

6. He will cause division within the world.

Impe adds:

"Revelation says that the number of the beast is 666, and it is a number of a man. The number 6, always refers to man. Three 6's is obviously 3 men. I submit that these three men have the following roles."

1- Politician
2- Religious leader (false prophet)
3- Beast

Might Obama represent one leg of this three-legged stool?


Anonymous said...

Time will tell.

Wicks trimmed, lamps lit people!


conservative chloe said...

Nicely written. It is scary how he seems to bring in Christians, Jews (some of them) and Muslims. I still don't believe he is the anti-christ but they may be best friends. I do believe he is a wake-up call to all believers. Maybe God is using him as a warning symbol that our time is short. We will definitely have the answers soon. And just to show the intelligence of Jack Van Impe, he was preaching Russia would turn back to communism and be one of the major military forces that marches against Israel in the end times. He preached about it before and after the Cold War. He has also been dead on about almost all other prophetic Biblical interpretations that are now rapidly coming to pass. People need to watch him.

Conservative Chloe

Jeanne said...

conservative chloe, While I 'might' have a few doubts myself, as far as I know the antichrist (small letters for and not caps for something or someone who's against God or Jesus.) isn't going to be revealed until the church has been raptured (the antichrist's 'alli' I'm not sure about either.), check out how the church is no longer mentioned 'after' the third chapter in the book of Revelation 'until' Christ makes His 'second' appearance with the saints? As for Jack Van Impe, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for him because sadly some of the things he's saying lately are getting kind of scary (the stand he takes 'with' the Catholic Church, even though they 'still strongly' adhere to pergetory and praying to Mary instead of going directly to Christ. And the stuff he's been saying about the 'mystic' Nostradamus is w-a-y out there.). Lastly, don't know exactly what Obama's 'stand' really is, but does the bible not also tell us that we 'must' pray for those in 'authority'? God is in control and NOT Obama, McCain, or 'any' other man or woman on this planet. Sorry for such a long letter.
P.S. I'll also be praying for God/Jesus to have their way in Obama's (and his family's) life, to get the glory NO MATTER what comes about.

Jeanne said...

Yes, time will most definitely tell, and hopefully and prayerfully it will prove us wrong. May God/Jesus have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Christians will go through the period of the wrath of Satanic forces but will be protected (raptured) when God Almighty's wrath comes.
I will pray for God's intervention into Obama's life and guide him to serve America and Israel. Prayers have power. God say's to us all "turn back to me and I will heal your nation."

Anonymous said...

You appear to be a very intellegent person. Did you know that the very First President of the US was a Black Man? The difference was he was elected by the masses.He made many accomplishments.He also also created the presidential Seal which is still ued today. Did you know that George Washingtin was the eigth. He was elected by the masses. As you know Obama is the first elected Black Man voted by the massed. Why would you dare to state he is a likely a supporter of The Antichrist. He wasn't hand picked By the all white boys . Secret Soc.!!! I beleive his Supporter is Jesus Christ. One thing We (Black People) were taught was to watch out for the enemy? And keep God and our Angels of Love,and protection with us at all times.Our Angel of knowage isd always next to us. You be Blessed.

Anonymous said...

The Bible says(Daniel 8: 19-23) that the antichrist would come out of the peoples that were a part of the Alexandrian(Greek) empire or Medo-Persia. As we well know, the Greek and Medo-Persian empires were eventually conquered by Rome, and Rome conquered England in A.D. 43, and The United States was spun off from England.
I certainly agree that a few evangelists are waking up to the fact that everything has a beginning, even the antichrist...and if we are truly in the "end times" as many believe due to "the parable of the fig tree", the antichrist would have to be consolidating his seat of power and cultivating his worldly following right now.
Obama fits right down to his hidden hatred of the Jews and his lust for power.
If you have watched any of Jeremiah Wright's sermons, you already know Obama has been poisoned against Israel(for 20 years).
I believe he will hide this hatred at first, but later it will become known after the church is Raptured.
Paul told us that we would not be overtaken by the end times because we are not in darkness. Those that can not see what is happeing right now are truly in darkness. The tribulation period can only begin after the Rapture of the church (II Thes.), and the making of a seven year peace treaty with Israel(Daniel 9:27) by the antichrist(Man of Sin revealed). Only one man in the world is in a position to broker that peace treaty - and that is Obama.
Read today's news 4/2/09 - Netanyahu to Obama: "Stop Iran Now, or I Will". The peace treaty will have to happen very soon or the entire world could be embroiled in a world wide war centered around Israel.
Open your eyes and look up, for your redemption draweth neigh!

Anonymous said...

In addition to the comments I just posted on 4/2/09 I would like to add that most people have no idea what the Bible truly says about the antichrist. They either get their ideas directly from popular books or movies, or they only read the description of him in the book of Revelation. What are they missing? Daniel, and his parallel descriptions of the "Three Kings"(Chapt.-11). The first two that he predicted were Alexander and Antiochus. The third was described as the "King of Fierce Countenance" that would stand up in the "latter time". Daniel also tells us in Chapter 8 verse 25 - "that he shall magnify himself in his heart, AND BY PEACE SHALL DESTROY MANY. Most people think the antichrist shows up and immediately begins to conquer other nations and spreads "death and destruction" from day one.
The average person that beleives they know something about the antichrist, usually knows nothing of the descriptions in Daniel where he says the Third King(or antichrist) will be a combination of both Alexander and Antiochus, except much worse in his latter time.
So to recap. The antichrist comes on the scene NOT AS A TYRANT, but as a great leader like Alexander, a superior orator(Revelation), and will come in PEACE(like Antiochus), but will show his true colors later in his reign. He will also have a hidden hatred of the Jews(Antiochus), and will be a master of deception.

I hope this helps some of you to understand what is about to take place. Be prepared, and make sure your family is saved from the destruction to come. Jesus gives us fair warning that we should know the "season" of the end time when it arrives and be prepared for it(Luke 12:37-48) In Luke chapter 21:29-35 he gives us further clues and instructions(The Parable of the Fig Tree-** The birth of Israel**). His last instructions in Luke are: 21:36 "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."

Regards and God bless,

Darrell E. Smith

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm new on your board but i cant read correctly a message. Bug in you site ? Thanks you

tanktop4158 said...

Hmmm still undecided if Obama is the man of sin or not, some things seems to fit, other things dont.
Im amazed tho at the cult like devotion that his supporters have for him.....
1.That if you criticize Obama in any fashion, you must be a racist.
Interesting tho that if I did say Obama was the antichrist, I would be stating that Jesus himself was probably a man of color (dont have a problem with that)
Being as only Lucifer is on earth now and is the only being that knows what a similar counterfit would look like.

Anonymous said...

I want to tell you a little story that heard from an owner of a gift shop in Tenn. The conversation somehow got on Obama, and this mad told me this: He and his wife were visiting someone in the hospital when some folks cam in and he gave up his seat and sat on the floor. As the folks were talking he began to pray and Lord began to talk to him and this is what he Lord told him, "Bush will be the last President that the United States will ever elect to office". This was in 1986. Well 4 years went by another president, he went to his prayer closet and ask the Lord did I miss understand you the answer came "NO". Clinton was in office 8 years and now another Presdient. This time the man thought I must have heard correctly because we elected Bush. After 8 more years we are getting ready for another election this man began to pray again and told the Lord he really got this wrong he just did not understand the message. the Lord told him again "you did not miss understand,I said that Bush would be the last President the US would elect for office in 1986, from that time on I have put into office who I want. This story cleard up a lot of things for me looking back I can see how the US has changed and not for the good but to put things in order for the return of Jesus. I don't know a lot about how all of this is going to play out but, this I do know. You must believe that Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, went to the cross, arose in 3 days and then assended into the heavens, confess your sins and ask Jesus to come and live in your heart. I said all of the above to say this, know as much as you can about end times, but more important than that, KNOW that you are saved by the Grace of God and ready to leave this world when the times come. Pray for your family and everyone you know. God wants to save everyone, but we know that is not going to happen but we still pray for them. When the saints are no longer on earth well I can't find any words to say how I feel I just know that if people truely believe they would be different. Can't get into heaven by good works only you have to accept Christ. DO THIS TODAY IF YOU HAVE NOT, OR IF YOU ARE NOT SURE. God bless each of you.