Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Contrairimairi Calls for New Party

Dear Mitchell,
You are ABSOLUTELY right!
When I spoke to my sister last, I had told her that I have made a promise. If the GOOD LORD smiles just one more time on this Country, and does NOT allow BO to be elected, I intend to do my best to become extremely active in trying to sort this mess out. She told me,......"I have made the same promise........"she added, "I don't think we're alone......."
If anything is going to change, the time to start is now, and regardless of the outcome of this election, I will keep my promise, which is why the whole court thing came up in the first place.
Mitchell, I cannot at this point tell you what is going on with my family, but when I do.......suffice to say, that if you think you are angry now.......Just Wait! You ain't seen nothin' yet!
My hope is to begin a new party called...."The Conservative Party". And it would be JUST THAT! I had an e-mail on my old p/c which I wish I could retrieve. It was all about Judeo/Christian principles, and the founding of this Country. It talked about the "minor" percentage of people who are attempting to destroy those founding principles with such nonsense as removing Manger Scenes from public places. It also spoke of all the "Most Important Places" where we evidence the Founding Father's dedication to "One Nation Under GOD". There were pictures of the Ten Commandments at the Supreme Court, etc.
I am so tired of being railroaded by no accounts! My brother, the one who REALLY wants me to file the law suit despite the fact they could run my bill into the millions, says we need to rededicate the Constitution as it was initially, and then remove the parts the Founding Fathers didn't like, but were compelled to enter to guarantee passage. He thinks it's time to start again, and take out ALL the garbage. I think the original Constitution would be a great basis for the underpinnings of a new party dedicated to conservative Americans.

I do think we need to consider insuring that not a single lawyer is allowed to be elected as it should be maintained it is a SEVERE "conflict of interest"! (Just a personal thought on my part.) Have you ever seen the ad where the firemen are running Congress? More like the vision I have of ordinary people passing straightforward laws, and NO.....I repeat NO multiple bills passed together to insure that protecting "arrow manufactureres" NEVER again becomes part of the necessary baggage to pass critical legislation. What an OUTRAGE!

The Party would also mandate TWO terms in office, with a guarantee that once served, that person could NOT hold another office for a minimum of ten years, and all would be bound by the same "benefits" as regular Americans, i.e. no pension till retirement age, and mandatory paying into SS just like everyone else......same tax situation. etc.

We actually have been discussing some of this as you can see.....

We MUST begin organizing, and it MUST be now. There is no other way to get out the word if we procrastinate. I don't know who will be elected, but I do know that the promise needs to be kept regardless.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have on any of this, but one other promise that I feel I MUST keep. It has been one of my goals as an adult in my private life, but it MUST move to a larger arena.......that is protection of our most vulnerable aspects of society, our elders, and our children. I think if their protection and safety remain a strong vision, whatever happens will be much more right, ( in BOTH senses of the term!) than what we have going today.



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