Saturday, November 1, 2008

Olbermann Names Pamela Geller One of Ten Worst

Pamela Geller has hit many home runs this year such as the breaking story about the Obama birth certificate. Now, Pamela reports (h/t Larwyn) media boob Keith Olbermann has named Pamela one of the worst people in the world. Apparently, Olbermman considers Geller (and of course Sarah Palin as well) to be worse than Robert Mugabe, who has tortured journalists, Radovan Karadzic, the Serbian war criminal convicted of genocidal murder of 8,000 Muslims, or Fidel Castro, murderer of 100,000 Cubans. No, Geller and Palin are much worse than Mugabe, Karadzic and Castro.

In any case--hats off to Pamela Geller. Being called "the worst" by a pissant like Keith Olberman is an honor indeed.

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