Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lawless in Chicago: Obama Breaking more Laws

Newsmax's Ken Timmerman reports that the Obama campaign has broken the law more than 2,000 times by allowing individuals to contribute above the $2,300 limit.

Timmerman points out that:

"On Aug. 31, for example, the Obama campaign filed a report listing a single donation from a Debra Myers in “Rancho Palos Verde, Calif.,” for $28,500 – more than 10 times the amount the law allows per election. Although Debra Myers is identified as a physician, only two individuals with that last name have a listed phone number in Rancho Palos Verdes (the city’s name actually does have an “s” at the end). Neither is a Debra or a “D” Myers, or a physician...

"...hundreds of other individual donors have given to the Obama campaign far in excess of the legal limit, a Newsmax analysis of campaign finance records shows.

Read the endless list of specifics of the Obama campaign's law breaking here .

Obama was understating when he said "change you can believe in". His lawless supporters believe in tens of thousands of dollars, not just "change".

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