Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mairi's Update on Berg Case and Jerome Crosi

I just received the following e-mail from Contrairimairi re the Berg case:

>Dear Mitchell,
T. B. Bradley has now filed a request for a Writ of Mandamus in the Berg Case.
As of today, she and Berg are requesting in PA, through her court documents filed in Georgia, that the two cases be joined in Pennsylvania.
Her case is filed very closely to his, with many of the same claims, but she has requested the Court allow her filings as "Jane Doe" to be representative of the "American Voter", and also to "protect" her.
In her filings, she is listing her address as a Post Office Box in Georgia.
I don't know if you have read any of the court documents, but I will be flabbergasted if the Judge does not rule on their behalf, and VERY soon.
The recent problems with Jerome Corsi being detained and apparently "deported" in Kenya, for attempting to obtain more info about BO's involvement with Raila Odinga, the signed contract with radical islamists to try to guarantee Raila's election, and BO's subsequent campaigning and support of Raila, his "cousin", should help SEAL his "dual allegiances" problems. I am just not sure how he can defend himself when he knowingly and willingly campaigned on behalf of Raila who was clearly a threat to the U. S. if he had been elected. And who also represented a threat to the American ideal of democracy in his support of initiating shariah law upon his election. Thank HEAVEN the Founding Father's were such GENIUSES! They must have seen BO coming even then.
This case appears to really be "heating up" as T. B. Bradley has also demanded in her filings.....BO's immediate removal from the Senate, and/or an immediate Senate impeachment process.


Diogenes said...



I doubt either of you have read any of the court documents except for those filed by Berg and/or Bradley, whoever she is. When you only listen to one side of the story, it's not hard to assert that you would be "flabbergasted" by a negative ruling.

On what grounds could ANY American -- even one as apparently egotistical as Bradley -- claim to represent "the American voter"? I vote, I'm American, and she sure as hell doesn't represent me.

She's apparently A-OK with the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, though.

Anonymous said...

The Berg/T.B. Bradlely
Docs attached:
BERG v. OBAMA et al Document 16 - :: Justia Docs

I heard that Kenyan Citizens
can be reinstated by an Act of Parliament (regardless if they want to or not)

If Obama get's elected he will be subject to a lot
of BLACKMAILER'S who helped
cheat his way into the Whitehouse!
Also, once you are a Muslim if you ever change your Religion you become a marr-tadd which can punishable by be-heading! Dan