Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mairi Protests ACORN to Sally Lasota

Mairi writes:

>I just sent an e-mail to the "Sally Lasota" in the press releases from Indiana. She is apparently trying to investigate illegal voter registrations by ACORN in her county.

It dawned on me, Illinois is the "home of dirty politics and politicians". WHY would I EVER think Dan White would respond to an honest request? Maybe, we should start a campaign to request Board of Election Commissioners in "friendly" States to look into eligibility in those States instead? I am not sure others in those States have come on board, so why trust it. Shouldn't be too hard to start writing to the Election Boards in other States from our own.

I am going to try.

"Dear Ms. Lasota,

There is information online that you are working to eliminate fraudulent voter registration, and I am HOPING you can answer a question for me....well, actually, maybe a couple if you don't mind.

First, what criteria do you use to verify eligibility of a candidate to be on the ballot?

You may or may not be aware, that a lawsuit has been filed in PA regarding Barack Obama's eligibility to run for POTUS. I DO believe he is an Indonesian citizen, and has committed an act, by using his Indonesian passport, which negates any claim he may ever have had to U.S. citizenship. I will send you two sites, and I hope you will look at them.
At Obama's "" site, he admits to having had Kenyan citizenship.

That citizenship alone disqualifies him from being POTUS. Article II strictly forbids anyone ever having dual citizenship from the office. But the link I sent is FAR more frightening. Mr. Obama refuses to produce certification of an "Oath of Allegiance" to the U.S. after accepting his Indonesian citizenship in 1981 by using a passport issued by that country. Also, Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship with the U.S., so Barack's American citizenship was in FACT lost when Lolo Soetoro adopted him.

This site will show you the lawsuit filed by Phil Berg, Esq. in PA. All trust in the election process is fast fading in this election. We have just watched this Country nearly be taken to it's knees by Wall St., and many of us in "fly-over" country are TRYING to make sure this election adheres to laws defined clearly in the Constitution. I have written THREE times to Dan White, Exec. Dir. IL Brd. of Elections, but to no avail! I am PRAYING you will be able to help us!

If it is not too big a problem, could you send me an answer? I would GREATLY appreciate hearing what you have to say.


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Joe Bubel said...

Everyone in the media wanted to know EVERYTHING about a 1976 DWI GWB was nabbed for, but Obama/ACORN, Obama/Ayers, Obama/Fannie-Freddie, COLB confusion, and a dozen other FAR left connections are for all intensive purposes, being ignored by the MSM, and forced to live 'underground' on the internet. It can't stay there forever.

All I can say is, there WILL be much crying the day after the election. And, unfortunately, there will likely be hints/threats of rioting in the few days before the election, when Obama's numbers go south after he is exposed.