Friday, October 10, 2008

David Abramsky Responds to "Sarah Palin, Anti-Semitism and Jewish Prejudice"

I just received the following e-mail from David Abramsky:

Dear Mr. Langbert:

re: Your 10/9/08 blog post: "Sarah Palin, Anti-Semitism and Jewish Prejudice"

I'm not sure who your sources were for the bit about the comments from "an executive" from Jews for Jesus (it was Executive Director, David Brickner). You simply wrote that he said that, " the Jews' refusal to convert to Christianity causes terrorism." A read of Mr. Brickner's ACTUAL sermon would be worthwhile. Go to:

By just printing that one little sentence--without giving it the context it was really in--you have distorted the words (really the meaning) of someone you're reporting about. Yes, you summed up a 30-minute sermon with just one sentence! Unfortunately this is why many people have trouble trusting what they read these days. I wish you had put the Brickner quote in its true context: He paints a picture of his belief that God's love and forgiveness for all people have been offered over and over for centuries. But the world does what it wants. The results we experience are not PUNISHMENT (which is the way you portrayed it) but just that we reap what we sow.

Once again, I was disappointed by how you portrayed the meaning of Mr. Brickner's beliefs.

- David Abramsky
Richmond CA 94804

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