Saturday, August 9, 2008

Black Republican Forum Meets in NYC

The Silent Majority discusses the recent Black Republican Forum:

"Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. Not enough people know this FACT but wonderfully that information was on display at the Annual Black Republican Forum. This Forum is here to Educate…to correct the propaganda passing as history and that it did. As The Silent Majority entered the second floor foyer of the beautiful Republican Women’s Club in New York City (just a hop from St. Patrick’s Cathedral) there was a table filled with books and pamphlets as well as a poster of the First American Blacks to sit in Congress (in the 1800’s!); Free Men and Elected! A long overdue freedom that came courtesy of the Republican Party; the real history of America that’s been erased by the Zinn/Chomsky ‘history’ books that have replaced the truth in our public schools."

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