Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ContrairiMairi Contacts Dan White of Illinois Election Commission Re Obama Eligibility

Dear Mr. White,

I am writing to respectfully demand the Board investigate the qualifications of Barack H. Obama. In light of the Certificate of Live Birth posted at the Campaign's internet site, I feel there needs to be a full investigation of his citizenship status. Illinois statutes require that he be a citizen, and I challenge that his claim is valid. The Certificate posted has been altered. The certificate number has been removed. The document states clearly, that any alteration of it makes it invalid. I believe that removal of the certificate number does alter the document, thereby rendering it invalid.

It is the duty of the Board to insure that all legal guidelines and qualifications of any candidate running for office in this State are adhered to. He is our State Senator. That is far too important a position to leave in a questionable state. He must be required to make public, a legal documentation of his citizenship status.

It also now is known by Barack H. Obama's own writings, that he lived in at least two other countries. He may have been known there by his own name, or the name of Barry Soetoro, since he was adopted. The nature of his residency in either of these countries calls question to the possibility that he may own citizenship in either or both. Under United States law, his ownership of citizenship in either of the countries could negate his U.S citizenship, even if he was born here. I am respectfully challenging that if he is in fact holding multiple passports issued by countries that do not recognize dual citizenship, under either name, his American citizenship cannot be valid. I respectfully demand that he provide the Board with all documentation relating to travel in and out of the United States for public review and also related documents from any countries where he may still own citizenship by that country's laws.

It is imperative that the residents of this State are being represented by persons who meet all the legal qualifications as set forth by Illinois law. Your office is entrusted with upholding the law. You cannot expect that we should be governed by laws passed by someone who may be breaking the law. Please send verification with documented proof of his status to me at the address listed.


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