Monday, August 4, 2008

E-mail Re Obama's Cover Up

Dear Mitchell,
Once again, MANY thanks. I nearly considered giving up the petition drive in the short run, in favor of the challenge to the FEC. I still believe that the State level IS going to be the far more effective challenge, after your mail.
But thinking over all of this has me really worried. One site claims that in a "gentlemanly process, we accept self certification", as the reason that Hussein got this far in the first place with no challenge. This is my worry....why would any opposing candidate in any election accept self certification from the opposition, unless that candidate also had something to hide.
For instance, Hilary....she has been the First Lady! One would think she would be savvy enough to challenge any opponent's qualifications. Why hasn't she? John McCain had his own citizenship challenged. Why hasn't he returned the favor? Why are these and many other candidates so accepting of the "gentlemanly process" that they accept "self certification" from an opponent so willingly? Do you find this as frightening as I now do?
Why are we at a point in Hussein's term as Senator from Illinois that ordinary citizens will be the only ones offering the challenge? And at this late date! This SHOULD have been dealt with much earlier on. I am now finding it a bit more interesting that so few "good candidates" seem to be running for office. We always seem to be choosing the lesser evil. I am not a person who believes in "conspiracy theories", but I am really wondering now what is going on behind the scenes. Why are these people granting self certification to opponents, if in fact this is what is happening?
Seems to me, if I were running a clean campaign, my first course of action would be to make sure MY OWN qualifications were airtight. I would then expect the same from my opponent. I'll bet most Americans who pay any attention at all to the political process would think that to be a fundamental of the campaign process. Aren't we getting our eyes opened the hard way with this election? We had so many candidates in the Democratic Primary, who would have thought that this close to the general election, no one knows if the Democratic Presumptive nominee is even legally qualified!
Guess Americans had best get busy setting their own rules for elections and the campaign process. Rather than leave the question of legal qualification to the opponents in an election, we need to start demanding proof of legal qualification each time someone tosses their hat into the ring! It needs to be done at every level of the election process.


Phil said...

Do not despair and keep digging. McCain is probably wary of embarrasment should a COLB be produced, but for us "little people" a victory either way. You are doing a great job of what all civic minded citizens should be doing. And there are some good candidates running - Col. Allen West for Congress in Fla. Liz Berney in NY, Mitch is supporting Maurice Hinchley in NY for Assembly. Read what pamela Geller of Altas is saying about West, that he is the leader America is dying for!! Don't despair.
Phil O.

Mitchell Langbert said...

No--not Maurice Hinchey! George Phillips is the valiant Republican running against leftist crank Maurice Hinchey who has gerrymandered our district.