Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McCain Campaign Needs to Stategize Fraud Prevention

Has the McCain campaign begun making preparations to preempt election day fraud? I was just on the phone with a lobbyist in Washington, DC who had been involved in the Democratic Texas Caucus, and she alleged that the Obama campaign engaged in intimidation against elderly women amounting to fraud. She also stated that these allegations have trailed Mr. Obama's campaigns beginning with his first race in Chicago, Illinois. Illinois has long been a state accused of being lax on fraud, going at least as far back as the 1960 presidential election. In a close race like the 2008 race, cheating could easily be the determinative factor. As well, Democrats continue to accuse Republicans of fraud in 2000, and there is no more likely thief than the man who believes that something has been stolen from him.

It is imperative that the McCain campaign begin thinking about and developing control procedures such as training an army of observers for election day. Rationally planned steps now could be the most important campaign strategy. As Sun Tzu said, wars are won before they're fought, and know your opponent. Barack Obama is an opponent capable of election fraud.

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