Friday, December 12, 2008

Stanley Ann Dunham's Social Security Number Still Active

I just received this from Nancy Razik:

>Dr. Orly obtained Obama's mother's Social Security #.
3 addresses in Hawaii and one in New York.
The # is alive, well and actively being used today.
Kelly Anne Dunham and Anna Sotoero are using this #.
Question: Fraud (stolen #'s) or is she really dead? or is a relative using the number? MAYBE THE ILLEGAL ALIEN AUNT IS USING IT?!?!?!

No hospital in Hawaii has records of Stanley being treated for her cancer. Where was she treated? Washington State?

Only Memorial services for both the grandmother and mom - both cremated - why?
Zero formal funerals. - why? Cremation destroys DNA evidence.

Good News:

Zero of the 55 delegates have been officially certified to be electors in the state of CA. Basis of the 2nd case in CA. To seize the delegates from casting their electoral vote. Not to mention the dead delegate.

African-America ABC reporter told Dr. Orly, "Go back home to Russia."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Constitutional Lawyer Orly Taitz on the Andrea Shea King Show Listen to Dr. Orly Taitz on the Andrea Shea King Show.

During the interview, Orly Taitz, the southern California constitutional law attorney gives updates on two separate petitions being brought before the California Superior courts re: Obama's eligibility for presidency on behalf of former presidential candidate Alan Keyes (Keyes v. Bowen) and Lightfoot v. Bowen.

Dr. Taitz also covers research from her work, for example, no one seems to be able to name the hospital where Obama was born. Also to date, no one knows where his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham was treated for cancer. None of the hospitals in Hawaii have a record of her ever being there, much less treated for her terminal disease.

Adding another twist - investigations shows no record of a funeral for Stanley Ann Dunham -- no funeral home, no death certificate, no coroner's or medical exam report, no burial place. We're told there was a memorial service. Where? When? No record exists of that either. Obama's sister reportedly said that Stanley Ann Dunham was cremated and her ashes were spread over the Pacific. Where was the cremation done? When?

The research involving Dr. Taitz work shows that a search of Stanley Ann Dunham's social security number, allowable once a person is deceased according to Taitz, revealed that her SS # is still active, leading investigators to three addresses in Hawaii and one in New York. Who is using Stanley Ann Dunham's social security number? Could it be a case of identity theft?

Records of Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham's death are not to be found either. Curiously, also missing is any record of Stanley Ann and Barack Obama Sr.'s marriage, which supposedly took place on the island of Maui.

Listen to this and more on the Andrea Shea King Show.


Anonymous said...

"No hospital in Hawaii has records of Stanley being treated for her cancer. Where was she treated? Washington State?"

Hospitals don't disclose medical records so obviously Orly/Taitz lied or committed crimes.

Anonymous said...

If there is nothing to hide, then why all the secrecy? Every American should be nervous and concerned about this. The U.S.A. is not some 2nd rate bananna republic! Our President owes us an explanation and yes, he is accountable to every U.S. citizen. Why should our President hide information if it's not damaging to him?