Friday, December 12, 2008

Sewage Just Starting to Flow on the Chicago-DC Aquaduct

Robert Taylor just sent me this link to Rush Limbaugh's site (also, h/t Clayton). Rush once again demonstrates why talk radio is necessary to counteract the pissant partisans on the networks and New York newsletters.

>FITZGERALD: I should make clear the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever, his conduct. This part of the scheme lost steam when the person that the governor thought was the president-elect's choice of senator took herself out of the running. But after the deal never happened, this is the governor's reaction, quote: "They're not willing to give me anything but appreciation. Bleep them."

RUSH: All right, now, the FBI affidavit says that Blago had been told by an advisor, quote, "president-elect" -- that's Obama; we only have one president-elect, right? I cannot be confusing anything. Quote, "the president-elect" -- this is an advisor talking to Blago. "The president-elect can get Blagojevich's wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the president-elect's pick to the Senate." But that wasn't good enough for Blago. He wanted something for himself. And he didn't want to have to wait two years for his term to expire, I guess, before his wife could be appointed to these boards. And that's when he came out with the MF-er on the tape. So Obama has somebody in mind for this seat. We just don't know who it is, and Blagojevich was not happy about it. Here's one more bite from Fitzgerald.

FITZGERALD: We have Senate seat that seemed to be as recently as days ago auctioned off to the -- you know, to the highest bidder for campaign contributions, and Governor Blagojevich own words on the tape of the bug that's set forth in the complaint talked about selling this like a sports agent. So we stepped in for a number of reasons. Basically, as I said before, we're in the middle of a corruption crime spree, and we wanted to stop it.

RUSH: "We are in the middle of a corruption crime spree, and we wanted to stop it." They made their move before the Senate seat could be sold. And have you also noticed, ladies and gentlemen, the parade of daily Obama press conferences seemed to have stopped.

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