Friday, December 12, 2008

Democrats let BOBC Deadline Slip

Robert Taylor forwarded this Worldnet Daily article from Dec. 1 indicating that Obama failed to respond to Philip Berg's writ of certiorari petition with the US Supreme Court:

"President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention
have let a Dec. 1 deadline slip by without responding to Pennsylvania attorney Philip J. Berg's petition for writ of certiorari demanding Obama produce a legitimate birth certificate to document his eligibility for office. "


Barry Truthgun said...

Good old Worldnet Daily and Berg endless supply of lies and ignorance.

Obama was never under any obligation to respond. The Solicitor General does not represent Obama until after Jan. 20th. Berg thinks the SG is in collusion because he is A CONSPIRACY KOOK.

Anonymous said...

What parts are lies? Give links please to your information.

Barry Truthgun said...

World Net Daily has tons of lies and do not accept corrections.

They claimed Gov. Lingle sealed Obama's birth cert. The AP reported Gov. Lingle took no action. HRS 338-18 seals everyone's except to relevant agencies since 2001.

WND claimed Hawaii Revised Statute 338-178 allowed foreign borns to get Hawaii certs. That law was written in 1982 and regardless "The true or probable country of birth shall be known as the place of birth" per HRS 338-20.5

WND reported Obama's grandmother said she was at his birth in Kenya. The tape submitted in the lawsuit shows Obama's step-grandmother responded her step-son (Barack SR.) was born there. A Kenyan with an admittedly fake name translated and the interviewer seems to be a fake Bishop.

They call Ron Polarik a Ph.D. and expert though his name is admittedly fake and his degree is unconfirmed.

WND tries to link a paper about amending "natural born" written in 2005 by an editor, Herlihy, at the Chicago-Kent Law Review (who later was hired by Kirkland & Ellis) to Obama because a Kirkland & Ellis Partner, Ettelson, later joined his finance committee. Kirkland & Ellis had nothing to do with the paper but it fits the conspiracy yet WND ignores the McCain National Steering Committee had a Kirkland & Ellis Partner, Christopher Landau.

They also run hilarious stuff like fake emails between Obama and Raila Odinga. It's a site not just for dumb people or anti-Obama people but the dumbest anti-Obama people.