Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bob Robbins's Letter to the US Supreme Court

Bob Robbins just forwarded the following e-mail that was sent to the US Supreme Court

>Revised, December 7th, 2008

To the Most Honorable
Chief Justice John G. Roberts
Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20543

Dear Chief Justice Roberts:

Although this letter is addressed to you, your Honor, it is in reality an open letter to all of the Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. And, my hope Sir is that you will make its content available to your esteemed colleagues on the Bench.

Ever since the founding of our great nation, from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, through tenuous and uncertain times at Valley Forge, Washington’s crossing of the Delaware, and thereafter to the final battle of Yorktown, our nation’s future and Liberty hung tenuously by a slender thread. Since those perilous times, we have faced together many other challenges to the existence of our freedom. We endured the war of 1812, the Civil War, two world wars, and most recently the attack on the two World Trade Centers in New York City.

That slender thread was and has always been, the courage and wisdom of the men in the breach of history, whose moral and mental compass turned their wills and their souls unerringly to the cause of liberty, and to the preservation of our nation and its Constitution.

Comes now into the breach in the year 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States. Our founding fathers knew that our nation could be lost by direct assault, or by subterfuge. And it was the latter case to which they addressed the Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution to direct all citizens to the diligence of electing only a “natural born” citizen of this country to be President.

This matter was of such import that they being men themselves born in another nation, excluded only themselves and men alive at the signing of the Constitution, leaving forever thereafter, that only men born of this nation according to the law, and men who preserved their citizenship status only to this nation would ever become President.

Whether the current and most recent candidate elected to that office would ever misdirect our nation or do harm is not the consideration. Whether he indeed meets the qualification of “natural born” citizenship, and has maintained only that citizenship in the United States, is the crucial issue that must be resolved.

If he could have readily clarified this matter and ended this contention, it would seem to honorable and respectful citizens that he should have already done so, as the matter has been brewing for several months. But alas, critical and numerous documents that might shed light on his qualification in this regard have been purposefully and carefully “Sealed” to prevent revelation to public knowledge.

The 300 million citizens of these United States deserve to know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they have elected a man who indeed meets the Constitutional qualification requirements to become their President or otherwise as the case may be. This President needs that same stamp of approval of those same forefathers who signed the Constitution in order to serve honorably in this most high office.

Several separate cases have now come before the Supreme Court, and another just was denied in the Superior Court of California and has undoubtedly began its journey to your court. Unless this matter is resolved to the letter of the law and the Constitution, there can be no civil rest among the vastly growing number of those who have and those who will yet become aware that a growing shadow of doubt falls upon the qualification of our highest elected official.

Two clear courses, and two consequences lie before us. And the Supreme Court holds the charge and the key to resolution of this most crucial issue. The issue is historical, and critical because a most dangerous precedent can be set, by allowing a President to serve who does not meet the Constitutional requirement set forth by our founders.

Thereafter, any non-citizen could challenge that provision of “natural born” citizen in Article 1, Section 2, citing the already served term of office of one who did not quite meet that requirement.

It is apparent that other entities whose purview should have checked the qualification of the candidates for Constitutional criteria, have failed in their duty. And the matter has been allowed to continue unresolved to the point that multiple lawsuits have been filed, and more are likely to arise. Those entities that failed to verify citizenship of candidates for President must be properly brought to task and the error in their duty pointed out.

Either the matter is taken up and clearly resolved, and the Constitution is preserved, or We the People may look back in history upon a gaping hole burned in our Constitution in the year 2008 by the simple lack of due diligence.

Such a travesty it would be to our collective and everlasting shame, and would place our nation in new degrees of jeopardy.

So now, We the People turn to our highest court for Justice, and for resolution of truly a Constitutional crisis of historical significance. We trust your Honorable Court will not fail to recognize the importance of this matter and will stand with that long line of patriots and defenders of liberty to preserve and secure our nation’s future.

To this end I remain …

Very Respectfully and Sincerely Your Humble Servant,

Name withheld


Anonymous said...

We the People have the rights to demand the following!

1) Obama must establish his eligibility to POTUS without question, to be only a natural born U.S. citizen without loyalties to other foreign countries!

2) The fact that Obama has refused is just a criminal behavior to do otherwise. Criminal because his actions are premeditated deception, fraudulent and deceitful of the U.S. Constitution laws!

3) If found to be a illegibility as POTUS, having lied to the entire world, he should be tried for treason!

There should be a FULL investigation of all government bodies and tried for crimes against the United States as well.

No American citizen, should reward or allow our country to be hijacked, by anyone especially as shown by the exploitation of a position of power or trust for personal gain!


Anonymous said...

"critical and numerous documents that might shed light on his qualification in this regard have been purposefully and carefully “Sealed” to prevent revelation to public knowledge."

Sealed for Joe Sixpack but the FBI and FEC don't have to sue to access them.

"Those entities that failed to verify citizenship of candidates for President must be properly brought to task and the error in their duty pointed out."

We don't know that they didn't. Write a letter to your Congressman to make the whole process transparent then.

Anonymous said...

SCOTUS did not even grant certiorari. Shows you how flimsy the case is. But, I guess, some people will never learn.
Dr. Langbert what is your opinion on the auto bailout?

Anonymous said...

Now that the anti-science, superstition-based initiative presidency ends, we need several public works science Manhattan projects to make us great again and boost us out of this Grotesque Depression. First we must provide free advertising-based wireless internet to everyone to end land line monopolies. Then we must criscross the land with high speed rail. Because bovine flatulence is the major source of greenhouse gases, we must develop home growable microbes to provide all of our protein. Then we must create microbes which turn our sewage and waste into fuel right at home. This will end energy monopoly by putting fuel in our hands. We must address that most illness starts from behavior, especially from parents. Since paranoid schizophrenia is the cause of racism, bigotry, homelessness, terrorism, ignorance, exploitation and criminality, we must provide put the appropriate medications, like lithium, in the water supply and require dangerous wingnuts who refuse free mental health care to be implanted with drug release devices. CHurches should be licensed to reduce supersition and all clergy dealing with small children should be psychiatrically monitored to prevent molesting. Osama bin Laden and Timothy McVeigh were the ultimate superstition based initiatives. Widen navigation straits (Gibraltar, Suez, Malacca, Danube, Panama and Hellspont) with deep nukes to prevent war. In order to fund this we must nationalize the entire financial, electrical and transportation system and extinguish the silly feudal notion that each industry should be regulated by its peers. Technology mandates a transformation of tax subsidies from feudal forecloseable debt to risk sharing equity. Real estate and insurance, the engines of feudalism, must be brought under the Federal Reserve so we may replace all buildings with hazardous materials to provide public works. Insects, flooding and fire spread asbestos, lead and mold which prematurely disables the disadvantaged. Disposable manufactured housing assures children are not prematurely disabled and disadvantaged. Because feudalism is the threat to progress everywhere, we must abolish large land holdings by farmers, foresters or religions and instead make all such large landholding part of the forest service so our trees may diminish greenhouse gases. We must abolish executive pay and make sure all employees in a company are all paid equally. We must abolish this exploitative idea of trade and monopoly and make every manufactured disposable cottage self sufficient through the microbes we invent.