Saturday, December 20, 2008

Propagandists Duck Emanuel Resignation--and the Langbert Modus Ponens

The Patriot Room (h/t Larwyn) asks why the New York Times and LA times have not covered pressure put on Rahm Emanuel to resign:

>"Have we seen anything in the MSM about pressure on Rahm Emanuel to resign? Nothing from the L.A. Times. Or the New York Times.

"But the U.K. and Australian papers often print stories their liberal American cousins will not. And they think something is afoot."

Patriot Room quotes the Australian Herald Sun and UK Times, which are willing to print news, even if it doesn't fit.

Patriot Room concludes:

"Obama’s team was dredged from the same swamp from which Blagojevich was pulled. Is it any surprise that Emanuel was on the phone wheeling and dealing with Blago to fill the Senate seat?"

Back on September 25 I posted this comment about Obama's corruption from one of my correspondents in Chicago, Contrairimairi:

"What is it going to take to prove that Obama does not now, did not then, and NEVER will have America or Americans best interests at heart? This apparent liar and 'rip-off artist extraordinaire' has ALWAYS put himself first in EVERYTHING he has undertaken. It appears he was lining his pockets within MOMENTS of landing in Washington as the junior Senator from Illinois from the very companies he now 'pretends' to be so 'outraged' about. Not too surprising considering his contacts with Tony Rezko...

"One HAS to wonder WHERE all the money from the millions 'earmarked' to improve public housing in Chicago ended up...where the millions 'earmarked' to improve education in Chicago's poorest schools ended up...WHY, despite his continuing 'efforts' as a 'community organizer' on Chicago's south side, NOTHING in those neighborhoods seems to have significantly improved. Probably, it would be safer to say that things have probably grown WORSE! More young people die in those neighborhoods than have been lost in similar time frames in the war. Housing in those areas remains sub-standard and dangerous. The peoples' quality of life in those areas NEVER seems to improve. I think we can tell from the trail we ARE able to pick up on, despite Obama's efforts to 'hide everything from his past', that he never does ANYTHING without major benefit to himself."

Back in August I called President-elect Obama a sociopath (also see here) and back on September 2 quoted Andy Martin's characterizations of Obama's dirty operation as being "more sophisticated than that of President Richard M. Nixon's."

Perhaps we should argue, as the esteemed David Horowitz recently has, that we are better off with a corrupt Obama than an ideologically-driven one.

But the deeper problem to which Patriot Room alludes is the absence of a competent press or media. This is the Langbert Modus Ponens:

If a nation lacks a fair and competent press and media, it cannot function as a republic.
America lacks a fair and competent press and media.
Therefore, America is no longer a republic.

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