Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Andy Martin's Game Plan

>1. Blagogate/Obamagate I

We are again on the cutting edge of pursuing Obama's role in crooked Illinois politics. If you have been reading our columns on the developing scandal you will see we lead the national media by several days. Obama is on the defensive. If you ask, "How do you do it," the answer is "we do it" with lots of hard work and Chicago shoe leather.

2. Blagogate/Obamagate II

We have sent the Illinois Supreme Court our pleadings seeking to block Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan from rigging the selection of a new U. S. Senator to favor the Daley Machine. If you read our paperwork, you will see that we were on the cutting edge, again, of presenting to the Supreme Court the apparent links between Obama and Blagojevich, and providing a motive: Obama wants to control his former seat in the senate. Our pleadings are up on our blogs so you can read them. We put our information out in the open where it is available to everyone.

3. Hawai'i litigation

Later this week we need to cut checks to the State of Hawai'i for freedom-of-information payments to pay for the cost of receiving documents related to the state's role in blocking release of Obama's birth certificate. We keep plugging away in Hawai'i: consistently, quietly, but relentlessly, to obtain access to Obama's original birth certificate. The progress is slow, but we will not stop until we succeed. You need to understand that lawsuits move slowly. They take time. They are not an instant solution or resolution. That is the nature of the judicial process.

4. California National Conversation Tour

Last month in Hawai'i we launched our "National Conversation" tour. We hope to sponsor a nationwide series of meetings to keep the anti-Obama movement alive. So far as I know, we are the only organization sponsoring a nationwide series of events to maintain both legal and political action efforts against Barry Obama. These trips are very costly and they especially need your help.

If you would also like to sponsor an event-a meeting, reading, conversation or something else (be creative)-please let us know. We still have a little time available to book. Here are the dates that we will be available in the central cities and when there is open time on my schedule:

San Francisco: December 26, 27, 28

San Diego: December 29, 30

Let us know if you would like to sponsor an additional event.

5. Your financial support is needed

We need your financial support to continue our broadly based efforts. As you can see, we try to cover as much territory as possible: from Obama's role in trying to rig the selection of his successor, so he could control his former senate seat, to keeping a nationwide campaign against Obama alive, to legal action in Hawai'i and Illinois courts. But all of these efforts take money, and generate a constant stream of expenses that need to be paid.

We are now tentatively planning a South Florida National Conversation for January if there is sufficient interest and support. You may also want to suggest other locations across the U.S.

Please be generous. You can donate online at our web site, or mail a check to our headquarters address. The check is payable to "Committee of One Million" and can be mailed to my personal attention.

This is a difficult time for the American people. But we will survive and succeed if we stick together. Those of us who recognize the threat that Barack Obama poses to America must stand united against his usurpation.

To all of you, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


Diogenes said...

Here's my contribution: get a real job, Martin.

You should be ashamed of yourself for shilling for such a con man, Mitchie. Or are you plugging into the gravy train, too?

Anonymous said...

"Your financial support is needed"

Of course you do. Larry Sincliar did. Phil Berg did. Jerome Corsi did. Scammers love free money.

lukemcgook said...

I, too, am inclined to think that Martin is chasing a wild goose, but di has to admit that Obama could end all the unhealthy speculation simply by releasing his birth certificate.

Btw, di, why do you think the birth certificate is being suppressed? Man, I saw a picture of Obie today where he looked exactly like Frank Marshall Davis.

Anonymous said...

How about instead of sue Hawaii and Obama you petition Hawaii to change DOH policy and send full birth certs, instead of COLB's like Obama's, when citizen's request them? Chiyome Fukino and Alvin Onaka probably have room to change that policy.