Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peter Paul and the Langbert Modus Ponens

Contrairimairi sent me this video about Hillary Clinton's connection to Marvel comic book writer Stan Lee and entrepreneur Peter Paul. Paul had recruited Bill Clinton to raise capital for his start-up comic book company that employed Marvel's legendary Stan Lee.

Peter Paul says that "my interest in supporting Hillary Clinton was specifically to hire Bill Clinton" to help him raise money for his start up. But Peter Paul had a felony record. Upon learning of Paul's felony conviction, the Clinton's washed their hands of him and denied that they knew him. Peter Paul's representative claims that the Clintons aimed to steal Peter Paul's Japanese business partner. The Paul company collapsed as a result, and the Clintons then attempted to start an identical company sans Paul. Paul's representatives claim that the Clintons took $2 million from Paul and then denied that they took the money from him, the largest election fraud in American history. In turn, states Paul, Interpol imprisoned him in a dangerous Brazilian prison, claiming SEC violations. Paul claims that the Clintons then threw out Paul's civil suit on the basis that he was a fugitive. David Rosen, Hillary Clinton's chief fundraiser, was arrested as part of the case. A Clinton-appointed judge instructed the jury not to tie in the Clintons to Paul's case. If true, this is corruption at the highest level, calling into question the integrity of the American judicial system. Paul claims that what he calls "the media" (what a laugh) have abrogated their responsibilities with respect to the Clintons in this case, and more generally with respect to political reporting.

Please recall the Langbert modus:

If a nation lacks a fair and competent media, it cannot function as a republic.
America lacks a fair and competent media.
Therefore, America is no longer a republic.

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