Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is Barack Obama a Sociopath? Part II

Bob Robbins just forwarded this link to Ed Morrissey's article "Obama's Fine Print On Convention Speech Tickets", and Morrissey links to this Denver News article . These articles relate to my post earlier this evening, Is Barack Obama a Sociopath? Ask Alice Palmer in that it reveals a manipulative pattern associated with anti-social disregard for the law. The sociopathic personality lacks a conscience. Hence, a range of abusive, manipulative and conscienceless behaviors occur.

The Morrissey article describes yet another lie by the Obama campaign combined with the exercise of coercive power over volunteers eager to see B.O.'s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Morrisey speculates whether Mr. Obama's campaign has violated federal campaign financing regulations in that Mr. Obama has demanded donations of time in exchange for tickets without reporting the contributions. Moreover, Mr. Obama claimed that his acceptance speech would be outside so that all could come. But he is now extracting work hours from his supporters in exchange for tickets:

"Christensen said she too is excited, but a part of her believes the process for signing up was disingenuous. "I mean they made it seem like any Coloradan could go, and now you have to work for your ticket."

Apparently, Mr. Obama has not waited until his election to institute ineffective, bureaucratic rules and regulations to govern his followers' lives:

"I went to the Campaign for Change office last Friday evening to earn three hours of credit toward my "All Star Credentials," and it was nothing but confusion. I went to one meeting where I thought I would earn my volunteer credit, and learned that I had gone to the wrong meeting and had not earned credit. When I told the volunteer coordinator how unhappy I was about spending my evening at the campaign office for nothing, she had nothing to say -- not even an apology for the confusion. It is utter disarray in that office and they have alienated me as a volunteer."

Morrissey adds:

"Even without the campaign-finance issues, this looks very much like a bait-and-switch by Obama. The entire point of the Invesco address was to welcome everyone for free..Like most of Obama’s plans, nothing is free. We’ll pay one way or the other for every supposed giveaway in his policies. And in the end, he wants everyone working for him, while tossing hosannas at his feet and giving him the best optics he can possibly get."

As well, Mr. Obama reveals a repeated pattern of deception and lying. This pattern is characteristic of the sociopathic personality. Sociopaths often prefer to lie over telling the truth. Mr. Obama's secretive response to inquiries about his birth certificate also fit.


Ray said...

This reminds me of the old days at carnivals where they had the row of little yellow metal ducks on an endless chain, that we shot at with a slug gun.

Ok we've now got the "Sociopath" yellow duck coming int view. Quick - someone shoot it before it get to the end of the chain and disappears.

Oops - what's the point - it will come back again on the next cycle.

Seriously though, any candidate for President or VP should be sitting ducks for this sort of allegation.

If any candidate cannot provide HEAPS of evidence to show that they have a heart and really do care about others, they shouldn't get the job.

If any of the candidates have done anything decent in their lives and they are ASKED to show it, I'm sure they'd all grab the microphone and let loose and have a captive audience without having to pay a cent for the publicity.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Ray, Barack Obama's campaign will remind you not of ducks but of the Augean stables. And Mr. Obama's publicists at the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, and Time are no Hercules. Mr. Obama's is not only going down, he is going to bring his marks in our third rate mainstream media down with him.

Ray said...

Mitchell Langbert said...

[....] Mr. Obama's is not only going down, he is going to bring his marks in our third rate mainstream media down with him.

Well the media is already buggered after mis-handling the imaginary 'war' and acting as if it was:
(a) Merely being patriotic in a war, or
(b) Afraid of treason or sedition charges, or
(c) Afraid of government dirty tricks, or
(d) Afraid of hyped-up indoctrinated citizens.

So until they admit why they didn't do their jobs and that they lied about so many things and concealed so many things during the last several years, none of them should be trusted.

It's possible that the journalists and the media owners know they been operating under duress and haven't been honest and that they have elected to remain dishonest until their fear is removed and they can resume operating normally again.

If you're right and the media is not being honest and didn't give Hillary a fair go (which they appear not to have) then they may say afterwards that it was justified in their own unofficial war against those who tried to silence them, or worse.

If the media can bring to heel a massive military and an array of potentially dangerous (for them) government agencies and their operatives plus the hoodlums involved, through someone like Obama, then they will feel it was justified and so will the bulk of the ordinary people.

Mairi said...

As posted on this site earlier, the BO campaign had sent notices to supporters to "win a chance" to attend the convention for 3 days and 2 nights. All that needed to be done for "entry" into their contest was to "contribute $5.00 or MORE by July 31" per David Plough. 10 winners were to be chosen from the entries. This is outrageous! I WISH someone would investigate this little scheme of the BO camp and see if in fact 10 winners were chosen and have been awarded their "prize", and if any of those "winners" contributed only $5.00!