Friday, August 15, 2008

Letter To Congressman Maurice Hinchey Requesting Investigation of Barack Obama

PO Box 130
West Shokan, New York 12494

The Honorable Maurice Hinchey
United States House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515
By FAX and e-mail

August 14 , 2008

Dear Representative Hinchey:

I would like to request your help to ascertain the qualifications of one of the presidential candidates for the office of president of the United States under the Constitution of the United States. Significant questions have been raised about the authenticity of the birth certificate for Barack Obama by document experts, for the image posted by his campaign as his official birth certificate on his website and on Daily Kos. The image errors are discussed at On the Obama campaign website, the campaign blacked out the certificate number with no explanation.

These questions have raised doubt in my mind, and that of many other U.S. citizens, on two points:

A) Is Barack Obama qualified for the candidacy under Article Two, Section 1 of the Constitution with regards to being a natural born citizen, i.e. is there a valid birth certificate?

B) Has Barack Obama misrepresented his birth certificate to the American public on his website, apart from the veracity of the original document?

The first question is a legal question on Obama’s qualification to become president, apart from politics, and must be resolved before the election. The second is a subjective issue, but is so directly tied to the first that it should be included in the inquiries requested below.

The first question above applies to all candidates, and I would welcome extension of the inquiries requested below to all candidates registered with the Federal Election Commission should you or the recipients decide.

As your constituent and a registered voter, I am requesting you to take the following actions immediately:

Your investigation of these questions:

1) Send an official letter to Barack Obama transmitting your constituent’s concern, and requesting a review of an original, stamped and certified copy of the birth certificate.

2) Send an official request to the Hawaii Secretary of State to produce, verify, and provide for review an independent official copy of the birth certificate, stamped and certified as per normal state procedure. Please note you can request Mr. Obama's birth certificate directly, as qualifying under Hawaii Revised Statutes § 338-18 has having “a direct and tangible interest" in the record, and as a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention this month, you have a clear legal interest in knowing if he is a valid candidate.

3) Introduce legislation requiring candidates in the future to present evidence to the Federal Election Commission proving they meet the requirements of the Constitution for the federal office they are seeking, upon initial registration and that all candidates for federal office must present valid identification including a brith certificate and that they be fingerprinted and that the identification information be publicly available. They should also sign an oath that they meet the requirements, as we do in many parts of our daily lives. This would apply to presidential candidates, senators, and representatives. The citizens of the United States should not have to pursue these questions in a partisan atmosphere, on an ad hoc basis, when they are required by the Constitution.

An investigation by the Federal Elections Commission:

3) Send a letter to the Federal Election Commissions requesting they investigate the first question (A): is Barack Obama a citizen. If the FEC responds they do not have jurisdiction, please require them to indicate who, in their official view, has jurisdiction to enforce that section of the Constitution for candidates.

An investigation by the Committee on House Administration:

4) Send a letter to the committee of U.S. House of Representatives with oversight responsibility for U.S. election integrity, the Committee on House Administration, presenting these concerns in the Appendix and requesting a formal investigation and oversight hearings to determine the truth about this presidential candidate’s qualifications. Again, these questions may be asked of all registered candidates.

Resolving this question is of the utmost importance to the government of our country, and is extremely time-sensitive since the Democratic National Convention is is this month, and the national election is less than three months away. I understand this is a major request, but it may determine who is the next president of the United States, so I ask your utmost urgency and attention to this letter. This will help the elections in the future as well.

Please feel free to contact me at or XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Mitchell Langbert

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Peggy said...

Just wondering that since the birth certificate issue has been in the national interest for some time, why hasn't anyone "bought" the information or imbedded an employee into the State of Hawaii DOH.