Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Democrats Should Challenge McCain's Citizenship

The issue of candidates' identity disclosure should work both ways. Both Democratic and Republican candidates ought to be required to file birth certificate, drivers' license, criminal record and similar information with the state boards of elections. In the presidential election filing with the Federal Elections Commission would make sense to avoid duplication. A number of people have written to me with this argument: why do you raise the question of Mr. Barack Obama's birth certificate when Mr. McCain's citizenship is in question.

I do not believe that Mr. McCain's citizenship is in question, but I do not deny the importance of openness in government. I therefore urge Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party to file a de novo complaint in the US Supreme Court concerning John McCain's citizenship. The Democrats and Mr. Obama will have to publicly argue that military children born overseas while their parent is fighting on behalf of their country are not citizens. As a Republican, I urge Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party to make that argument publicly.

It is obviously fair that both Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama reveal their birth certificate and other identification information. It is also fair that any and all questions concerning eligibility be raised, and I urge the Democrats to raise the qualifications of military children to be citizens openly.


Koyaan said...

Um, there is already a lawsuit pending in Federal District Court over McCain's Article II qualifications.

Hollander v. McCain et al., case number 1:2008cv00099 filed March 4, 2008 in New Hampshire District Court.

Hollander v. McCain et al


Mitchell Langbert said...

Thanks for the info.