Sunday, August 10, 2008

Five Things You Can Do About B.O.'s Birth Certificate

Joanie just e-mailed me asking what she can do to bring the failure of our government systems to address the public's concerns about B.O.'s birth certificate. There are at least five ways to contact elected officials, the media and the governmental bureaucracies. Joanie's inquiry and my response follow.

Joanie writes:

> Dear Sir,
> I have spent most of this lovely Saturday on the web reading. I am surprised to hear about a story that questions whether Obama's Birth cert is accurate. Are there any people I can email demanding that this story be looked into. Also, how can we get this into the main media to "chew" on?
> Thank you for your courage to write about this.
> Sincerely,
> Joanie

My response:

Hi Joanie:

You can sign my petition; write to the Federal Elections Commission; write to your state's Secretary of State and Board of Elections; write your Congressman, Senators and the President; and you can send out a press release. Each letter would be a little different.

1. First--I hope you signed my petition already. Please pass the URL around to anyone and everyone you know. We've got around 3,300 signatures now. The URL is at

2. The website Texas Darlin (TD) has a model letter to write to your state's secretary of state. TD also has a list of secretary of states (here it is) on which you can look up your Secretary of State.

I used a different letter to the NY Secretary of State (I live in NY) on my blog

You can write a similar letter to your state board of elections.

TD's letter is at:

3. Third, you can write a letter to the Federal Elections Commission just like the one that I wrote at:

4. Fourth, you can write to your Congressman and Senators and demand legislation that requires release of identification information to the Federal Elections Commission and to state boards of election. You can also copy the President on this as he oversees the FEC.

5. Fifth, you can send out a press release to the media in your area and/or national media informing them of each step. You can find media contact information on the Web. For instance, most newspapers have a letters to the editor address, and you can send a press release to that address or to a better address if one is on the Website.

Hope that is useful.

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