Sunday, August 10, 2008

Have Obama Supporters Attacked TexasDarlin?

I received the press release about the Soetoro birth certificate just a while ago as I was out mowing the lawn. I tried to access the TexasDarlin blog, which is on Wordpress, about the Soetoro birth certificate referenced in the e-mail and by No Quarter. I get a portal message that says that access is by password only. That wasn't true of TexasDarlin as of yesterday. So either TexasDarlin closed his blog on the same day as this hot story was released, or once again we see something fishy surrounding an anti-Obama blog.


Ray said...

The Texasdarlin blog went out of action at about 00hrs UT or a bit earlier.

Koyaan said...

Just for shits & giggles, I went to WordPress and tried to create a new account, using a different computer, username, EMail address, etc.

It kept giving an error and wouldn't allow the account to be created.

So perhaps something's going on with WordPress.


Koyaan said...

It's back up again.