Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lisa From Illinois Comments on Birth Certificate, Petition

I bet we will have over 5,000 by tomorrow!
A good story for National Enquirer?
Rush Limbaugh's pain killer addiction - True
John Edward's Mistress - True
Barry Soetoro and not Barack Obama - True?

It would be fun to know because Obama is my US Senator.

I like to see him off the POTUS Ballot and lose his seat in the US Senate.

He has done unsavory things to advance his crooked career.
He challenged Alice Palmer's petition signatures during the State Senate race and ran unopposed.
He opened sealed divorce records on his opposition during the US Senate Race. Blair Hull and Jack Ryan had to drop out of the race and Obama ran unopposed.

Obama stoled the primary from Hillary.

It's time to kick this Confidence Man off the bus!

Thank you for your courage.

Sincerely yours,

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Ray said...

Lisa wrote:

"Barry Soetoro and not Barack Obama - True?

It would be fun to know because Obama is my US Senator.

I like to see him off the POTUS Ballot and lose his seat in the US Senate."


I don't believe for a minute that the name Soetoro will figure in Obama's political future because even if his surname was officially or unofficially changed for a few years when he was a child in Indonesia, it doesn't mean a thing now. It may well have been embarrassing for his father in Indonesian society for Barack to be called anything else but Soetoro at school.

Adults are of course at liberty to change their names as often as they change their socks as long as it is not done for an illegal purpose, so presumably they can do the same on behalf of their children.

If that WAS the case for young Barack, then his mother could quite legally start calling him 'Obama' when they arrived at the airport ticket counter to send him back to Hawaii on his U.S. passport.

If anyone asks Obama if he has ever gone under the name of 'Soetoro' he'll probably say "Yes, when I was a child in Indonesia living in the Soetoro household - why do you ask?"

Adoption has got nothng to do with name changes (It's a separate legal matter) but even if Barack DID have his name changed in the U.S. or Indonesia, then either one of his parents parents had a perfect right to change it back to Obama at any time they chose without any official name change being required and he could use his "Certification of Live Birth" at any time afterwards as he would have done without any name changes being made.

Now if that DID happen in either country, there would be no reason for Barack to ever bother mentioning it for legal purposes unless he was specifically asked "Have you ever been known by any other name?"

It's also quite possible that teachers could have called Barack by the surname 'Soetoro' because of a respectful custom - without Barack or his mother having consciously accepted that as being his REAL name (as per his birth certificate). In such a case Barack wouldn't be required to answer "Yes" on any official form if he was asked he had been known by any other name.

I suppose if anyone wanted to get pedantic they could say "Ah, but you were also "known as" "Berry" -- in which case Obama could say "Well yeah, but that was only an Indonesian accent thing for "Barry".

This whole question of the 'Soetoro' name is probably only an issue for people who are not familiar with the law in relation to name changes - plus the odd 'smearer' who is only pretending that its a big deal.